8 Coolest Businesses on a Bike

1Velopresso: a mobile espresso bar

What do you get when you combine your love for biking and coffee? Product designers Amos Reid and Lasse Oiva did just that to create a mobile espresso bar named the "Velopresso."

The duo designed the custom trike from the ground up with environmental sustainability in mind. The Velopresso sports a pedal-driven grinder and a gas-fired espresso machine. No electricity, no motors, no noise (except for the noise of the coffee beans being ground). Plus, it's a gorgeous work of engineering and art!

2PoliRider: pole dance on a bike

PoleRider is a new invention that unites two great things that are even better together: bicycles and pole dancing! Their mission is to promote bicycle safety, raise awareness of the immense potential of pedal power, and bring pole dancing to the streets, where dancing belongs. PoleRider was engineered and built to withstand immense leverage loads without failing. Their dancers are trained professionals.

3Party Bike: a pedal-powered pub

A party bike, pedibus, cycle pub, beer bike, or bierbike is a multi-passenger human-powered vehicle. A party bike is sometimes mistaken for a larger scale version of a pedicab, but it is't since the party bike is powered by the passengers while the steering and braking is controlled by the driver, who does not provide pedaling power. These pubs-on-wheels have become popular in the United States, as well as Germany and other European countries. Some party bikes can have up to 12 cycling passengers, three non-cycling passengers, bar tenders and a driver.

4Pedal-powered school bus

This is a similar vehicle to the one above but targeted to a different group of riders. This bicycle bus for children, made in the Netherlands by De Café Racer, is just such a vehicle. Sure, you could just give a bunch of kids a ride to school in a regular bus, but I love the idea of letting them pedal their way as a group.

5B-Line: pedal-powered delivery company

In 2010, B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery, a local company that uses pedal-powered trikes to deliver freight around Portland's urban core, celebrated a successful first year in business.

During their first year, B-Line made over 3,000 deliveries and covered 6,000 miles. Company founders Kathryn Racine and Franklin Jones added four employees to keep their delivery trikes buzzing at full capacity.

6Pedal-powered produce party

The Pedal Powered Produce Party definitely falls under this category as a local Chicago fruit stand that has blossomed into a full-blown business. What started as a brainchild dedicated to his crush has given entrepreneur Daniel Evans an outlet for fresh summer produce and his niche interests. An entire cyclist team works for the startup, delivering fresh produce as well as fun mixtapes and indie magazines. It just goes to show that even your most obscure hobbies could lead to big business!

7Pedal-Powered Caneware

Caneware shop on a bike, July 2010.

8Meat shop on a bike

Meat Shop on a Bike in China.