Top 10 List of the Most Unusual Shoplifted Items

1High-end vacuums

Alright, this situation is very hard to imagine, but picture a shoplifter with a vacuum under his or her shirt Very funny, right? Whether they have really big pockets or they own an invisibility cloak, the truth is this item is one of the most stolen in America. Looks like nobody wants to use the old broom anymore.

2Pregnancy Tests

Ok, if you think this through, it's very predictable, but if you take the statistics into account, the teen mom rate is very alarming. The hypothesis is that most of these teens don't want to be discovered buying tests, so it seems like they chose otherwise. Experts say that these thefts are a cultural issue. Let's face it, nobody wants to point a finger.

3KitchenAid mixers

How can anybody shoplift a KitchenAid mixer and can get away with it? The trick is that there are multiple in store checkouts and the items are so large that no employee thinks you have stolen it. What an excellent clue, right?

4Weight loss pills

Besides weight loss, allergy pills are the most popular among the pharmaceutical shoplifters, and, rumor has it that these thiefs are the most extreme ones. A man in Salem, Utah, for example, recently chose to hide sleeping pills in his baby's diapers. Let's hope for her sake that there weren't any other "surprises" in there, too. Seems just like that old saying, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

5Lotions and creams

If you've been noticing a healthier, more youthful glow, a heavenly smell and soft, silky skin among the common criminal population these days, it's because more and more shoplifters are using their five-finger discount for the sake of vanity. Health and beauty products consistently rank among the most sought-after stolen goods. The experts tell us that shoplifters are as brand-conscious as any shop customer. “L'Oréal, because it's worth it?”

6Electric toothbrushes & replacement heads

Shoplifters found out what dentists have long known. Dental hygiene is a lucrative business. These products are compact, reasonably costly and can be sold for near-retail prices. Electric toothbrush heads are expensive and small, making them another prime target. Also, the experts tell us that high-end dental products are a part of a much larger industry, with many shoplifters going online to resell these items at discounted prices. So, is it not true that these people are very concerned about their dental health?

7Baby formula

As unlikely as it may seem, baby formula is a mainstay on the perennial list of most shoplifted items. On the surface the contradiction is striking -- who would associate a food meant for infants with hoodie-wearing, calculating thieves? However, shoplifters know that powdered milk is expensive. A can or bottle can last only a week or two depending on whether it's used as a premixed formula or powder alone, and how it's used. (Many mothers use formula as a supplement to breast feeding while others choose it as a baby's main source of nourishment.) Or we can just assume that there are a lot of very desperate mothers that don't want their babies to starve.


Razors are the bread and butter of thieves, both small- and big-time, and their theft is the bane of pharmacy and department stores. Shoplifting razors (in particular the brand-name, expensive, and ever-evolving Mach series) is also an international phenomenon. Add to this the fact that they're also quite small in size and you've got an item that's a prime target for shoplifters.

We now know that these shoplifters are very tidy looking people who do not have growing beards, so that's an excellent clue to catch them. After all who can blame them? Razors are very expensive things for being so disposable, right?

9Designer clothing/denim

It is really hard to imagine, for an ordinary person like me, how these people have time to choose which clothing would they would steal? Well, as the statistics show they do, and choose not only good clothes, but DESIGNER denim. Sounds like a joke but believe me it's not! It is really happening!


Well, a handbag is not difficult to steal, it's pretty small and, besides, it sells really well on the internet if it's made by a designer. Then it sells itself. Besides, it is really not that easy to be a shoplifter, to “make it work.” Well, after all we have seen so far, it seems you've got to have excellent taste. What do you think?