10 Most Bizarre Cases of Cross-Nursing

The phrase "just monkeying around" has a whole new meaning thanks to a couple in Nanyang, China. That's partly because Huang Aiqing, 34, trains monkeys for a living, and partly because his wife, 27-year-old Jiao Xinzhen, regularly breastfeeds them.

“I feel like they are just like my children,” Jiao explained. “Many times, some of the baby monkeys slip onto our bed at night to suck my breasts.”

Terri Graham, a mother of two, couldn't breastfeed her children. However, she's now fulfilling her maternal desire in an unorthodox way –- by breastfeeding her 9-year-old daughter's dog, a pug named Spider.

In an interview, Graham, 44, said that she knows some people might consider her a "freak," but insisted that her breastfeeding nourishes the dog and makes her feel like a better mom. Graham, who is from California, claimed that the dog developed a taste for breast milk in 2010 after licking the nipple of a bottle she had pumped for her then-newborn son. She says she has breastfed the dog for about 2 years.

In the United States, there's often a bit of a controversy over whether or not breastfeeding is healthier than feeding a baby formula after it's born. In Cambodia, breastfeeding seems to be the winner, even if it is from a cow.

This toddler has been suckling milk directly from a cow ever since his mother went away to find work when a storm destroyed the family home. Tha Sophat's grandfather revealed that the 18-month-old had been feeding himself this way since his parents left Cambodia for Thailand. After he stopped breast-feeding with his mother, the boy became ill, said the 46-year-old grandfather with whom the youngster is staying.

The boy watched a calf nurse from its mother and began to do the same thing, feeding directly from the cow each day, Um Oeung added.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? The mother of these tiger cubs couldn't produce enough milk, so zookeepers in Hefei, China, enlisted this dog. She began work when the cubs were one day old.

It's a dog's life for these two super cute panda pups — after they were adopted by a pooc. The rare red pandas were abandoned by their mum at birth at a zoo in northern China. However, thanks to the milk and loving care they've had from a local farm dog they're now thriving.

The new mummy mutt, belonging to a farmer from a nearby suburb, is raising the two panda cubs as its own, sometimes even refusing to feed its little pup. At three-weeks-old, the baby cubs have yet to open their eyes and have doubled in length to eight inches.

Unlike the more well-known, bear-like giant pandas, red pandas resemble raccoons with long bushy tails. It is believed that fewer than 2,500 adult red pandas exist in the world.

A woman fed a tiger cub with breast milk. Hla Htay, 40, a wet nurse who works at the Yangon Zoological Gardens in Burma, was caught feeding the animal from her mammary glands. Furthermore, when interviewed by the local newspapers this week, she told reporters that she felt sorry for the animals and was willing to offer her breast milk until the cubs grew teeth.

Lamb Chop is nursing from his adopted mom, a goat named Annie .

A mother's love knows no bounds. This is Cora, a two-month-old baby tiger, with her adoptive mother, a four-year-old dog. Cora, born in a circus, was rejected by her mother. The adoptive mother feeds the baby tiger as if it were one of her puppies.

This foal has a Boer goat as a mother substitute. Actually, as the foal grew, he had several Boer moms. South Africa.

In the northwestern Maranhao state live the Awa-Guajá, one of the last nomadic tribes in the Americas. Their relationship with nature is so intense that the indigenous women breastfeed baby animals.