9 Most Bizarre Therapies

1Death to Rebirth Therapy

According to China Daily, there is a very questionable new treatment for people who suffer from psychological problems. This special psychotherapy service that allows people to experience death is gaining popularity in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province. More than 1,000 people have tried it, and by ‘it' I mean being resurrected from "death."

People who are suffering from stress or intense pressure can be "reborn" by simulating death with the help of psychologists, according to Tang Yulong, a consultant of a psychological counseling center. In the center, they have prepared a coffin in a 5-square-meter "death experience room."

According to Tang, the patient using the therapy must write down his or her last words before lying in a coffin covered by a white cloth, and to make this “dying” experience even more realistic, the “deceased” can even hear a dirge being played in the room. Five minutes later, a sound of a baby crying will break the "serene time," and the consultant will open the coffin with a festive song. Apparently, this death experience can help people get a new outlook on life.

2Maggot Debridement Therapy

Maggots are often associated with death and decay because, well, that's just how they are. These little white squirming fly larvae thrive on all things disgusting, from rotting food to putrefying flesh, which is exactly why they work so well at cleaning out infected wounds. The ancient treatment called maggot therapy, which was once considered antiquated, is now enjoying a resurgence of popularity due to the advent of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Placed in a wound, the maggots actually dissolve infected tissue, kill the bacteria and promote healing. Once all the dead and infected tissue is gone, they seek to exit the wound and are removed.

3Slapping Beauty Therapy

A Thai natural health practitioner claims she can turn back the clock simply by 'face-slapping.' The traditional technique is said to erase wrinkles, shrink pores, and tighten the skin without surgery by using slapping, kneading and massaging of the area, instead. Rassameesaitarn 'Tata' Wongsirodkul, who was trained in Thailand, says she is the first face-slapping beauty therapist in the western hemisphere, and charges $350 for each 15 minute session at her San Francisco salon.

4Lying Down on Railway Tracks Therapy

There is a bizarre form of therapy in Indonesia. People will lie down on railway tracks every day because they believe the electric surge from oncoming trains will cure them of illnesses as it flows through their bodies. It all stems from the tale about a Chinese man who once tried to commit suicide, but was miraculously cured of his illnesses by the electricity passing through the tracks.

People now flock to the train tracks to seek a cure for illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. They will jump up when a train approaches, and then lay back down to let the pulse of electricity flow through their bodies.

Despite the dangers involved and threats of arrest, people remain faithful to this bizarre form of therapy.

5Canine Psychiatrist Therapy

I'm sure you have already heard about therapy with dogs, but how about having a dog as your therapist?

Consulting the family pet before a big job interview or important life decision is something many people will attest to. But those who don't have a commiserating kitty or compassionate canine of their own can now indulge in one-on-on therapy sessions with a doggy psychiatrist. The wacky solution comes off the back of a survey that claims a whopping 85 percent of all cat and dog owners talk to their animals about relationships, work, family and finance.

The study, conducted by More Than, has prompted the insurance company to hold the first ever "Dogtor's Surgery," offering members of the public therapy sessions with a canine shrink.

Janet Connor, Managing Director for More Than, said, "While pets might not be able to speak or have the foggiest idea what's being said to them, they are looked upon as faithful companions whose loyalty and affection is unwavering."

6Bee Sting Therapy

Most people will run away when a bee is trying to sting them, but a few crazy ones actually want to get stung! The practice of bee sting therapy involves the application of multiple stings to an area in an effort to heal conditions like arthritis. This method has been used by the Chinese for over 3,000 years, and they claim that the stings have anti-inflammatory properties.

7Tickle Therapy

Tickle therapy may sound like a kind of torture to those with sensitive skin, but the CosquilleArtespa in Spain believes this can have very therapeutic benefits. This isn't tickling as you know it- rather than being tickled till you squirm, this therapy is all about soft fingertip-like strokes, and is performed by two people so you get a 20 finger sensation. Fingers are gently traced around the body and often aided by feathers to provide a treatment that soothes and relaxes the senses. Isabel Aires, the creator of tickle therapy, says it "allows customers to return to a state of childhood, recalling earlier stages of pleasure and play to move to a state of well-being and relaxation." Tempted? Sounds a lot better when she puts it like that.

8Attachment Therapy

Rebirthing is another term for attachment therapy, commonly used amongst foster or adoptive parents and caseworkers. It's usually considered a controversial category of alternative child mental-health interventions used to treat attachment disorders suffered by adopted children. We say controversial because it seems to spark a bit of interest any time it kills the patient, as there have been at least six documented cases of child fatalities.

In 2000, a ten year-old girl died of asphyxiation when her rebirthing session went horribly wrong. The girl, Candace Newmaker, was wrapped tightly in layers of blankets, and then forced to struggle in order to be “reborn.” The child had to fight against the combined weight of her therapists and adopted mother, totaling almost 700 pounds. Candace couldn't make it out of the suffocating blanket rolls and died. In the videotape of the session, Candace is heard begging the psychotherapists to be let free. "I'm going to die. Please, I can't breathe." "You want to die?" a therapist said. "OK, then die. Go ahead, die right now." When she was finally unwrapped, Candace had lost consciousness and was pronounced dead in the hospital.

Ms Watkins, 54, and Ms Ponder, 40, and their two assistants were only sentenced to 16 years in prison, and the rebirthing method was banned in Colorado after the incident.

9Ear Candling Therapy

This process is also called thermal auricular therapy, probably to make it sound like a normal healing method. The attempt is absolutely futile because lighting up one end of a candle and placing the other end into your ear is something very far from normal. Most of the leading health organizations strongly dissuade people from trying this therapy.