8 Amazing Stories of Voting Determination

1The woman in labor who insisted on voting on the way to the hospital

Illinois resident Galicia Malone did not let a little thing like being in labor stop her from casting her vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. Malone's contractions were already 5 minutes apart, and her water had already broken, but the 21 year-old new mother felt so strongly about making her voice heard that she powered through hard labor in order to fill out her ballot.

"I was just trying to read and breathe, read and breathe," Malone told WBBM Newsradio.

2The man who died and came back to vote

In Detroit, Michigan, an elderly couple was filling out an absentee ballot on Monday when the man suddenly died. A bystander sitting nearby performed CPR on the man until he finally revived several minutes later. His first question upon waking up? "Did I vote?"

The elderly man then sat up and finished filling out his ballot, telling his wife he only came back to do two things, to tell her "That I love you and that I finished what I came here to do … vote."

3The Hurricane victims who didn't let a lack of electricity keep them from voting

In the wake of the devastating Superstorm Hurricane Sandy, over a million homes and businesses were still without power on election day in New York and New Jersey. Many polling stations were among the damaged buildings, and gas shortages and a lack of electricity made getting to the polls difficult for thousands of people in New York and New Jersey.

The governors of both states invoked extraordinary measures to help voters participate in the election. People were allowed to submit their votes by fax or email in some places, and others were given substitute ballots at any polling station they could get to, instead of having to find their specific station.

In some places, voters waited in long lines to vote in generator-fueled tents.

4The famous rapper who paid people to vote

Rapper The Game wanted to help victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York get to the polls. TMZ reports that the celebrity donated $10,000 to about 500 voters who had been stranded by the storm. The money was intended to help voters who were affected by the storm pay for gas or transportation to get them to the polling stations In fact, he even used his own car to shuttle people to and from the polls.

5The displaced people who went out for mobile voting stations

Dorothy Ann Van, of Long Beach Island, NJ, is currently homeless after her house was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Her current situation did not stop her from finding a voting van and casting her vote... in her bathrobe!

6The voters who endured over 2 hours and freezing lines

In many cities, like the Boston metro area, people waited in line for over 2 hours in freezing temperatures to cast their votes.

7The celebrities who would do "anything" to get people to vote

In a video released just before the election, actor Will Ferrell told fans that he would do "anything" to get them to vote for President Barack Obama. Among other things, Ferrell offers to move your couch, give you a badly-drawn tattoo, and even dance for you. Check it out:

8The astronauts who vote from space

Using a digital ballot on the International Space Station, NASA allows Americans to cast their votes for the presidential election while orbiting 240 miles above the earth. The ballot is securely sent to Mission Control, where it is transmitted to the voting authorities.