10 Hilarious Modeling Photo Shoot Fails

Pretty model, terrible chess player.

Awkward hand.

Modeling isn't that glamorous anymore..

Brazilian model and New York City resident Nana Gouvea took advantage of Superstorm Sandy's wreckage, using New York's downed trees and destroyed cars as a backdrop for a number of seductive photos. As if it wasn't enough, she gushed about how much she loves hurricanes, saying they give her an opportunity to spend quality time with her husband, Carlos Keyes, who took the now-notorious photos.

As you can imagine, internet viewers sensitive to the hurricane victims weren't happy about it.

I wonder if these tapes were from an actual crime scene.

Working as a model so she can afford a nanny.

I never ever imagined I would read the words ‘seductively' and ‘grandpa's grave' in the same sentence. Thanks for that, Facebook.

Modeling in Walmart. It doesn't get any more ‘ghetto' than that. All of a sudden, I'm lactose intolerant!

Why some models think awkward posing is sexy is a mystery to me.

Whatever you're doing, Model, you're doing it wrong. Driving: You're doing it wrong. Car sex: You're doing it wrong. Promoting proper car safety: You're doing it wrong. Modeling: You're doing it wrong. Avoiding future chiropractor bills: You're doing it WAY wrong!