10 Incredibly Sexist Products You Can Actually Buy

A major South African clothing company has pulled T-shirts from its stores after complaints that slogans on the men's shirts were sexist. The shirts, withdrawn by The Foschini Group, had slogans including "How to get laid" and "I put the STD in STUD, all I need is U," the South African Press Association reports.

The "How to get laid" T-shirt also listed some options: "borrow your dad's Porsche," "flash a lot of cash," and "lie and tell her you love her."

Vajazzling is definitely one of the newest beauty trends which has raised a lot of controversy from people. For those of you who don't know it is the term given to the new trend in which the female genitals are given a sparkly makeover with crystals so as to enhance their appearance. You can buy different shapes and texts, such as this very questionable one.

This offensive, horrid and sexist product is being sold in the Orange stores in the UK. Made by David & Goliath Tees. Would buy it for your little girl?

Apparently, no home office is complete without the headless form of a naked woman on all fours with a pencil shoved up her ass. Or elsewhere.

Wanna have some fun? Slide this doll over your car antenna and she will give you miles of fun. She moves with the motion of your car. Get used to people pointing fingers at the doll while you are waiting for the light to turn green .For $29.95 you can show your disrespect towards women.

'Get Back In The Kitchen' car decal available at Amazon for $5.00. It will surely make you popular in your neighborhood.

Let Lusty Linda the Pen Holder (aka Mrs. All Busts) sun-bath on your desk. When you stick in a pen, she will moan, groan or say any of 10 different things. A switch on the bottom lets you set Linda's mood, from good or bad. (too bad all women did not have such a switch). Lusty Linda the Pen Holder says 10 different things including, "ooow (ouch)!," "Get out you, you dirty old man!," "What are you looking at?," "Help! Help!," and "Oh ooh (excited)."

Don't believe it? See it for yourself.

Nothing is more effective in selling a product than telling women their used-up vadges are ruining their relationships.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, Emma Barnett, the Digital Media Editor at the Daily Telegraph (and a radio/digital presenter) found this washing instructions tag inside her boyfriend's new pants—which came from British streetwear retailer Madhouse. Here's what the tag says, after the standard info on washing warm and tumbling dry medium: "Or give it to your woman, it's her job."

Nestlé's Yorkie bar, a chunkier alternative to Cadbury's Dairy Milk, was aimed at men. In the 1980s for example, toy lorries with the Yorkie bar logo were manufactured by Corgi, and television advertisements for the Yorkie bar featured truck drivers. In 2001, the advertisement campaign made this more explicit with the slogan and wrapper tagline It's not for girls , which caused controversy. Nestlé also received complaints about this campaign from Norwegian and UK people, who found it sexist and distasteful. In 2006 a special edition that was for girls was sold, wrapped in pink. Aside from the original milk chocolate bar, several variants are available, such as "raisin and biscuit" flavour, "honeycomb" flavour, and Yorkie Ice Cream.