10 of the Funniest U.S. Town Names

Check out ten small U.S. towns with highly questionable names.

1Cumming, Georgia

Their website is called, "The City of Cumming." We're not kidding.

2Sweet Lips, Tennessee

Pucker up!

3Beaver Lick, Kentucky


4Goobertown, Arkansas

Haaa, haaa....

5Climax, Pennsylvania

We're surprised the population is so low, considering how often people try to get there.

6Burnt Corn, Alabama

Do you smell something? No one is 100% sure how this town got its unusual name, but the locals have some theories.

7Idiotville, Oregon

Apparently so, because Idiotville is actually a ghost town.

8Horneytown, NC

The locals here are friendly. REAL friendly.

9Toad Suck, Arkansas

10Satan's Kingdom, Connecticut

Ironically, this town is located in one of the coldest states.