12 Hilariously Honest Product Names

I like honest marketing and this is about as honest as it gets. Maybe you did. You are the only one that has to know.

Lame Mirror is lame.

To be eaten only when you are wasted or broke. True.

Go the F**k to Sleep is a supposed bedtime story book that touts itself as “the most honest children's book ever written.”

ShitBeGone toilet paper. Nothing like just getting right to the point with a funny product name. Personally if it were up to me, I'd have called it Ass Wipe, but this also works…

I would never have imagined the pineapples were crushed AFTER being put in the can.

I love the honesty of this one - HAND JOB, better than nothing.

As if the end of the roll wasn't already hard enough to find!

Who would buy one of these?