12 Coolest Pixelated Fashion Accessories

1Pixelated Towel

Cover yourself in edited-for-content pixelation with the self-censored bath towel. She's completely covered up and completely naked at the same time, so it's win-win for everybody involved. Sorry, but this is the sexiest bath towel ever. Nothing is more alluring than when you're presented with nudity that a censor has looked at and decided, "No, you can't have this nudity. This nudity will damage you."

2Pixelated Swimsuit

The designer mastermind behind the Pixel Swimsuit remains unknown, and while this swimsuit is just a prototype, it's been turning heads online (and at the beach). The comical beach wear is meant to look like a woman with censored parts, or, what p0rn looks like with a dial-up Internet connection. Either way, this swimsuit made us say WHOA! for its blatantly comical nature, and because we are really hoping to see someone wearing one of these at the beach soon.

3Pixelated Glasses

SAMAL Design have released a new line of pixelated glasses. They come in 5 dpi (which look like a pixelated pair of Ray Bans) or 6 dpi.

4Pixelated Make-up

This 8-bit pixelated makeup and t-shirt is proof that you don't have to be an extreme overachiever or look like a dork to enjoy Halloween.

5Pixelated Wigs

Holland-based concept designer Elroy Klee is playing with LEGOs in a very unexpected way. What else would one do with LEGOs other than create wigs? Freelance brand designer and prominent art director, Klee, who works in the field of illustration, 3D, and set design, brings the world “Mindplay: Bricks on Me.” The former graffiti artist describes his artistic style as “a mixture of graff, typo, optical 3D, and a bit of Dutch design.”

6Pixelated Tie

Brighten up and be the envy of the IT department with the 8-bit Tie. Just clip it on (yes it's a clip-on) and any onlookers cannot fail to notice the tie that says 'yes I can fix your PC, but I've got more important stuff to do.'

The 8-bit clip-on tie is ideal for those always late for work who are fairly useless and need to do their own tie. It also avoids the need to tie a knot, as this might look a bit odd since it forms a strange mathematical shape instead of a nice neat knot.

7Pixelated Heels

Kunihiko Morinaga's 8-bit inspired fashion heels.

8Pixelated Necklaces

Using Google Image Search, Mike and Maaike browsed through some of the most expensive and often famous jewelry in the world. The resulting low-res images we found were stolen, doctored, then transferred onto leather, creating a tangible new incarnation. It's fairly weird!

9Pixelated Coasters

Coasters are usually the farthest thing from gadgetry you can get. However, these coasters feature a pixelated quality that no geek could pass up. It comes in one big book that includes fifty sheets, so you can decide to have an overly long coaster if it suits you. You can also break off the average one square. Once you have chosen your length, you can then pop out the individual squares to customize your coaster. You could, of course, go for the classic Space Invaders or you could just pop out a few random squares to give the coaster a little more character.

The squares are all completely random, as far as their color shades go, so no two will look exactly alike. They're also made of a resilient paper fiber that is supposed to be able to last through condensation from your drink, as well as the occasional clumsiness that results in a spill of your morning coffee. The coasters come in two different colors, blue and a pretty pink. Sadly these are coming from a Taiwan retailer, so this isn't going to be available just yet for those of us in the States or in the UK. It is being sold for 260 Taiwan dollars or about $8.

10Pixelated Dress

Another 8-bit work from Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga.

11Pixelated Tattoo

8-bit Megaman tattoo. It doesn't get any geekier than that.

12Pixelated Watch

There's something so retro cool about this Icon watch from Poketo. It seems to play tricks on your eyes when worn that somehow, there's a part of you that wasn't pixelated fully. Available in Black and Grey.