10 Weirdest & Geekiest Sweaters

1Clown Sweater

What you see here is a picture of writer/blogger/actor Wil Wheaton, wearing an especially ugly clown sweater. This $3.75 sweater became known as the ugliest sweater in the world.

2Teddy Bear Sweater

Phong made this Crazy Animal Sweater aaaaall by himself! He sacrificed an actual teddy bear and his own wool sweater to accomplish that.

3Sheep Space Invader Sweater

The French fashion design house, Monsieur Lacenaire, offers a classy sweater for old school gamers. Space Invaders? Certainly not. That's a copyrighted game and completely different. This is Sheep Invaders, which is also a custom game that you can play at the link.

4Super Mario Sweater

This knitted sweater vest by Happy Seamstress is an accurate replica of a screenshot of the original Mario Bros game.

5Periodic Table Sweater

This Periodic Table Sweater allows you stay warm and comfortable while never forgetting your elements and compounds.

6Frat Boy Sweater

All you need to survive winter at college.

7Infinite Cosby Sweater

Artist Andrew Salomone hacked a knitting machine and made a sweater featuring an infinite loop of Cosby wearing a sweater featuring Cosby wearing a sweater…

8R2-D2 Sweater

This is the droid you're looking for! A knitted R2-D2 raglan-style sweater, handmade by Etsy seller EricaKnit, custom-made to order as per your measurements. The perfect fitting sweater is so hard to find, and as a super Star Wars geek myself, this is uber-fantastic! This sweater is for men OR women. It is fitted because it is naturally stretchy, and has a raw rolled edge collar for a more urban look.

9Ugliest Christmas Sweater

It doesn't get any worse than this.

10Mathematical Sweater

Sondra Eklund, a knitter, mathematician, and librarian, designed and crafted this sweater. It shows, in colors, the prime factorization of every number between 2 and 100.