26 Vintage Red Cross Posters from WWI

You probably already knew that the Red Cross has done some great humanitarian work in the 149 years they've existed, but did you know they're also responsible for some seriously great artwork? These recruitment and fundraising posters from WWI show an amazing variety of artwork over only a five-year time span.

All images are in the public domain and can be found in the U.S. Library of Congress Photo Catalog.

1Gerald Spencer Pryse, 1915

2Harrison Fisher, 1917 & 1918

3C.F. Chambers, 1919

4Ludwig Hohlwein, 1914

5Albert Herter, 1917

6L.N. Britton, 1917

7A. Forestier, 1915

8W.G Sesser, 1917

9Richard Fayerweather Babcock, 1917

10Haskell Coffin, 1918

11C.W. Love 1917

12Cornelius Hicks, 1917

13Waldo Peirce, 1918

14Howard Chandler Christy, 1919

15Charles William Bartlett, 1918

16Lawrence Wilbur, 1917

17Anonymous/ Artist Unknown