10 Weirdest Pencil Holders

1Anatomical Heart

Each one of these handmade pencil holders is shaped like an anatomical heart! They each hold 4 pencils and can double as a funky vase, too!


These raunchy pencil holders might not be appropriate for all offices....

3Recycling Bins

This fun set of pencil holders, or storage bins, are shaped like trash and recycling bins, complete with closeable lids and scrolling wheels.

4Zombie Head

This pencil holder and desk organizer is shaped like a Zombie head and has tons of awesome gory details! Each zombie head is handcrafted by local artisans out of tough urethane resin. No two are exactly alike because each one is hand-painted!


This cute little hedgehog looks a bit naked until you add pencils!

6Indiana Jones Golden Fertility Idol

Remember that awesome scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indy swaps out a bag of sand for this fertility idol? Now, that priceless artifact can be yours!

7On The Potty

This cute tape and pencil holder is sure to make you laugh at work!

8Zombie Cupid

Aw, this poor zombie cupid holds your pencil while dealing with a half-eaten brain! Now that's talent.

9Owl Accessory Holder

This fun owl-shaped accessory holder is perfect for pencils, combs and toothbrushes! (There's a hole at the bottom that allows water to drain.)

10Darth Vader

Use the force... to grab a pencil!