10 Incredibly Bizarre Painters and their Weird Techniques

1The man who paints with his penis

Australian Tim Patch is an artist who uses his pecker to paint. That's right, this guy has traded his paintbrush in for a tool that he always has on hand, and has affectionately named himself “Pricasso” (a title that, surely, the talented and self-tortured cubist artist Picasso would approve of).

Pricasso uses his bum to paint in the backgrounds since it would take too much time to use his other tool and it looks better. Pricasso takes his work on the road and appears at various sex trade shows, putting on live painting demonstrations for passersby. The truly funny part is that his work isn't half bad, I mean, considering what a limiting (and possibly limited?) tool he has to work with.

The video bellow is obviously NSFW:

2The painter who uses vomit

Vomit painter Millie Brown creates, what some people call, art, by drinking colored milk and regurgitating it onto a white canvas or even her own dress. She has mastered the art of regurgitation and uses her talents to create actual art. Her work requires her to drink colored milk and simply vomit on a white canvas, thus creating abstract “paintings” worth thousands of dollars.

One of Brown's artworks, Nexus Vomitus, created to an acoustic accompaniment by opera singers Patricia Hammond and Zita Syme, sold for $2,400., which is just mind-boggling.

Caution, watching the video below can be vomit inducing.

3The painter who paints with basketballs

Hong Yi painted a strikingly detailed portrait of Yao Ming, a basketball player who recently retired from the Houston Rockets. She decided that a basketball would be a more appropriate instrument than a brush.

4The painter who uses human blood

Vinicius Quesada is a talented street artist from Brazil who likes to add a shock value to his artwork. His series entitled, Blood Piss Blues, were created using exactly what it says – blood and urine. The Brazilian street artist makes incredibly detailed psychedelic art of violent geishas, smoking monkeys, and other apocalyptic images.

5The underwater painters

A group of artists in the Ukraine dive into the water of the Black Sea to compose paintings. With scuba gear, they can stay underwater for up to 40 minutes. During that time, they apply paint to canvases under challenging conditions.

Painting under the sea is virtually the same as drawing above it. But the divers' canvasses are covered with a waterproof adhesive coating before they take the plunge.

6The painter who uses her breasts

American artist Kira Ayn Varszegi uses her 38DD breasts as brushes, to create original paintings. Kira Ayn's technique may be original but it's also rather simple – she just applies oil paint directly to her breasts and presses them against the canvas. The process is repeated several times, using various color combinations and transfer techniques, until she is satisfied with her work. Kira claims the secret to her success lies in the way she mixes colors in order to get a well-balanced composition, but I'm thinking it might also have something to do with her boobs.

The main purposes of her art are to provoke emotion, make living spaces beautiful, and most importantly, put a smile on people's faces. To reach these goals she has taught herself to use different mediums, from common brushes, to toys, vegetables and various body parts. You might think painting with her breasts is just silly, but Kira Ayn Varszegi is an established artist who sells most of her works on eBay, for a few hundred dollars, each. She claims she has sold paintings all around the world, and that there's at least one of her artworks on a wall in each US state.

7The painter who paints with his tongue

Struggling painters must suffer for their art, slumming it in filthy digs and eating whatever's in the fridge, even if it's not food. But Ani K licks those lightweights – he paints with his tongue and regularly, if not surprisingly, deals with nausea, cramping and headaches.

When he first started, he got severe head and body aches every time he tried to use his tongue. He was sick because of the pungent fumes but has grown immune to the effects, he claims. So far, the drawing teacher has finished 20 watercolors including – rather appropriately – a 2.4m (8ft) wide rendering of Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, featuring Jesus and his disciples. It took him five months to finish it.

8The painter who uses dead ants

Artist Chris Trueman used an unusual medium to paint a piece he calls "Self-Portrait With Gun." Trueman used dead ants—200,000, to be specific—to paint a portrait of his little brother holding a rifle. Chris Trueman's "Self-Portrait With Gun" was a labor of love because the artist hated killing the ants needed to complete it. The end result was worth the ant genocide, as the painting is fetching offers of $35,000.

9The painter who uses his eye

Take a look at this artist's strange method. Xiang Chen is from the Hunan province of China. The painter and calligraphy artist attaches a giant paintbrush as big as 4.4 pounds to his eye, by inserting the flat metal end under his eye lids. He drags the brush with his eye to paint calligraphy paintings. While the paintings aren't great, you still have to admire this bizarre painting technique.

Outside of just painting and writing, Chen can also hold a stick in his eye and play the piano.

10The painter who uses human ashes

Many artists take on commissions for a client's friends and family, but few have used the remains of their loved ones as a material. Val Thompson breaks the mold, mixing this unusual ingredient into her paint "to build up a bit of texture on the canvas." Ms Thompson now makes these unique paintings as a career after her brother suggested it.

Her first painting was for Anne Kearey who had recently lost her husband, John.