10 Funniest “Manly” Products

Some men would do anything to appear more manly, yet these ten products might end up making you look more meek than macho!

1Beard Head Hats

Sure, this lumberjack-look might keep your face warm, but you will also look like Yosemite Sam. You decide if it's worth it!

2Fake Tattoo Sleeves

For men who don't want to make a lifetime commitment to looking like a badass.

3Fake Chest Bib

Really? Just... really?!

4Fake Bulge Underwear

Whatever happened to the old standby: a cucumber wrapped in tinfoil?

5Faux Muscle Shirt

Funny man Jack Black models the faux muscle shirt.

6Hot Pink Truck Nutz

'Nuff said.

7Beer and Cheddar Cupcakes

Beer and cheese cupcakes? We'll pass, thanks.

8Beer Pong Ball Holder

Perfect for guys who are serious about beer pong and never leave home without a sack full of (ping pong) balls.

9Beer Holster

Not manly... just dorky.


Manly-scented candles come in macho scents like leather, saw dust, and pizza.