10 Best 2011 Meme Halloween Costumes

1Old Spice Guy

Hello ladies, look at your man, now look back to this costume. He might not be your man, but he looks like the man from the Old Spice commercials, which means he is automatically incredibly sexy and cool. Plus, he might be able to randomly end up in a hot tub or riding on a horse.

Gentlemen, if you're looking for an easy costume sure to drive the ladies crazy, here you go. Of course, don't forget the most important ingredient, Old Spice.

2Prancing Michael Cera

This is a great take on the Prancing Michael Cera meme, but if you're going to be photographed in this costume, you really ought to be caught mid-prance, something this Michael Cera failed to consider.

3Nyan Cat

There are tons of Nyan Cat costumes on the net, but everything from the proper placement of the Pop Tart to the full rainbow flag flying behind this one make it the best by far. The only real problem –Nyan Cat is gray, not orange.

4Bed Intruder Guy

Hide your wife, hide your kids because the Bed Intruder is in town. You can buy the official Bed Intruder costume at the link, or you can just buy an afro wig, a bandana and a wife beater and put the costume together yourself. Of course, this one does come with a little something special -a rolled up piece of paper autographed by Antoine Dodson himself.

5Flying Spaghetti Monster

All hail our lord and savior, the omnipotent Flying Spaghetti Monster. It's a good thing Pastafarians don't take themselves very seriously or this might just be seen as blasphemy.


With so many kids running around unsupervised on Halloween night, Pedobear must be in heaven. This one was spotted at the Penny Arcade Expo, so I'm sure he did pretty well that day as well.

7Balloon Boy

Oh Balloon Boy, it seems like just yesterday your parents were claiming that you were flying free in the sky inside a giant metal balloon. Of course, our hopes were shattered when we learned your parents were just a bunch of fame whores who would do anything for their fifteen minutes.

For those of you who are dying to relive the news story, this Balloon Boy costume is only $19.99 and comes with…well, pretty much just the balloon. The cardboard box and helium to fill the balloon are up to you to get a hold of.

8Lime Cat

He may not be as cute as the original, but this Lime Cat is certainly just as entertaining to look at.

9Spaghetti Cat

Like the Lime Cat costume, this Spaghetti Cat might not be as cute as the original, but what it lacks in cuteness, it makes up for in sheer, unadulterated creepiness.

10Keyboard Cat

Somehow this Keyboard Cat manages to do something the other cat meme costumes have failed to do…it remained cute. Granted, the cat's arms look freakishly long, but that's a small sacrifice when it comes to having a cat costume that actually looks cuddly.