10 Most Amazing Grass – Covered Cars

The Turf Bug was created by Dream Turf co-owner Rick Griffiths. Rick used a 1974 VW Super Beetle in great condition and meticulously covered it with the new Dream Turf Tri-Color synthetic grass. The project took three months with over 120 hours of labor in Rick's garage. With over 900 screws and outdoor adhesive, we're really not sure if the Turf Bug is waterproof!

A cute garden on wheels.

Smart Car covered in grass.

So you want to turn a corner and finally upgrade to an eco-friendly vehicle? If you were to take the words “green” and “environmental” to a literal conclusion, you might end up with something that looks pretty similar to this AstroTurf covered Niva.

A very unique car that could probably stand to be fertilized.

More astro grass cars are hitting the streets.

Funny Peugeot grass car.

A new way to go green with your vehicle.

If grass will grow on car it will grow on your dirt.

A car with grass all over it.