20 Most Disturbing Twitter Pics

What is it about Twitter that inspires people to post the most ludicrous, disgusting, and unflattering photos of themselves? We don't have an answer to that question, but we're glad they do it because we love to laugh at them! See for yourself -- here are twenty hilarious and odd photos that were posted on Twitter. All pics courtesy of Dumb Tweets.

1Man thong

Someone's got a secret....

2Officer Booty

This is criminal!

3Bieber lover

Get a room, you two!

4Kiss the porcelain god

5Gangsta funeral

6Mama loves her rootbeer

Make mine a Diet--soda goes right to my thighs!

7The morning after

8Party foul

Maybe someone should check her pulse....

9Left-overs, anyone?

No wonder the girls behind her are giving her the side-eye.


11Bigger than her head

Just sayin'...

12Nasty Feet

Why? Just why?!

13Table Butt

Her boyfriend likes to multitask.

14Number Two

It stinks, alright.

15Tough Guy

If you want to look tough, don't take a pic in Mom's bathroom.

16Goin' to Walmart?

Wonder what kind of gas mileage they get.

17Baby? What baby?

Has anyone seen my kid?

18Prom time

She'll be the belle of the ball!


Who wants to change his diaper?

20Someone's in the dog house