14 Unexpectedly Naughty Products

1I Rub My Ducky

What could be more innocent than a little rubber ducky sitting beside your bathtub? But, surprise! this little ducky has a naughty secret, just turn the dial and he suddenly starts buzzing with life…vibrating his way into your heart.

2Harry Potter Broomstick

At first glance, this product is innocent enough, but when you learn that it vibrates, you'll quickly realize why it started appearing in sex shops only a month after its release. The reviews on Amazon were hilarious, noting that teenage girls, who seemed far too old for such a simple toy, would play with the toy for hours on end. While it has since been discontinued, you can still occasionally find them for sale on eBay.

3Love Gossip Ring

This adorable little fashion accessory holds a dirty little secret. It comes with a built in magic bullet vibrator. My only question is... doesn't your hand smell the rest of the day after you use it?


You can leave this masturbation sleeve just about anywhere because it looks just like a regular old flashlight. Of course, you should always keep a regular flashlight around too, it's better to avoid the potentially awkward situation that would arise if the power goes out while you have company and the fleshlight is sitting around your living room.

5Froggie Beads

If you didn't know better, you might think this cute little frog is actually some sort of weird bath toy designed for children. But this little froggie is designed for something much darker –in fact, it's made to go somewhere so dark the sun doesn't shine there. That's right, this is actually a set of anal beads.

6Succu Dry

It may look like a can containing a new energy drink, but it's really a masturbation sleeve with a vampiric twist. Fortunately, unlike real vampires, this beauty won't bite. Just make sure to say “no” if any of your friends ask if they can try a sip of your cool new drink.

7Hello Kitty Keychain

Surely there's nothing naughty about this cute little Hello Kitty keychain. Oh wait, she vibrates and features little cute love nubs at the bottom? You'll never look at Hello Kitty the same way again.

8Just In Case

From the outside, it's just your everyday compact mirror case, but flip up one of the mirrors inside and you'll find a secret condom stash. It's a perfect way to always carry protection without looking like you're always ready to have sex.

9Love Lips

Practically every adult woman carries a lipstick tube in her pocket, but what makes this one special is its ability to brighten your lips and cheeks without any artificial pigmentation. Just bring it in the bathroom, turn it on and enjoy sweet vibrating satisfaction.

10Body Brush

Here's another nifty naughty goody that will blend right in with the other stuff in your makeup bag. On one end you have a functioning blush brush…but on the other, you have a super incognito vibrator sure to make your “freshening up” sessions a lot more interesting.

11Rub My Penguin

Just look at those big, watery eyes. Surely you aren't going to violate this little guy in any way? Wait, he's yet another vibrator? Sorry Mr. Penguin I hope your tux doesn't get too messed up.

12Flower Power

This thing looks like one of those solar-powered dancing flowers people put on their dashboards. So what the heck is it doing on here? Surprise, this innocent-looking flower buzzes more than a honey bee because it's actually a vibrator.

13Sexy Wrapping Paper

From the outside, it's just another sheet of wrapping paper adorned with pink or blue stripes. But on the inside, it's a party just waiting for you to join in. When you unwrap the gift, the trick in the paper is revealed as sexy men or women adorn the ordinarily blank inside of the paper. It's a perfect way to wrap bachelor party gifts or to surprise your grandma on her next birthday.

14Man Eater From Outer Space

Just look at that adorable urban vinyl toy. He's so cute that you could easily leave him out in plain sight. But when the lights go out, this man eater is sure to light up your night with his vibrating mouth designed to please a man or a woman. Just be sure to put him away when you have kids coming over to visit.