15 Funniest Passive Aggressive Notes

There is a cool website where you can find all these passive (and not so passive) aggressive notes. Check it out: PassiveAggressiveNotes.com.

You better stay away from this guy's eggs.

Don't mess with Elaine, everybody else.

Best wedding gift ever.

Apparently, Jesus loves Coke.

Best chart ever.

Home training? I didn't know we were supposed to practice at home.

WIFI: the newest way to give your neighbors a ‘hint'.

Creepiest note ever.

Very clever!

Don't piss an engineer off.

One Saturday, John was in the basement watching the end of a football game when his 8-year-old daughter came down to ask when they'd be leaving for the beach. Just another 20 minutes or so, he told her.

“Eventually, the game ended and we went out,” John says. “But when I went to bed that night, I found this note sitting on my pillow. The tragedy of it all, combined with the warning — and offset by the pretty border and the flower — really make for a lovely package.”