12 Pieces of Geek Jewelry Perfect for Your Nerdalicious Guy Or Gal

1For The Geeky Engaged Couple: Ethernet Plug Wedding Rings

If you're looking to get engaged, Jana Brevick has the ultimate collection of geek wedding rings that show just how wonderfully you fit together. Whether you choose the Ethernet plug and receiver, the serial plug set or the SMA socket and plug, you and your soon to be spouse can now show just how perfectly geeky you are for one another without saying a word.

2For The Music Geek: Vinyl Record Jewelry

Digital may be all the rage right now, but true music fans still value the warm sound of vinyl along with its iconic look. While there are plenty of great collectible records out there, Vling finds a great use for the scratched, broken and just terrible vinyl records that no one else wants. They carry pins, necklaces, earrings and more for your favorite music lover.

3For The Mathematically Inclined: The Pi Necklace

It's the perfect gift for the geek chic gal in any man's life –a silver necklace proudly displaying the first 100 digits of every math nerd's favorite irrational number. Of course, if your girl prefers the square root of two or the number e, the designer can also make it with the first 100 digits of any other lengthy mathematical number.

4For The Computer Lover: Computer Parts Jewelry

Whether you are shopping for a computer repairman, a vintage computer collector or just someone who can't bear to leave the fluorescent light of their monitor, Arteco has a delightfully artistic collection of antique computer parts transformed into retro belts, art deco pins and modernist earrings. Even if you're not shopping for someone special, you really should check out their selection just to see the amazing creations that come out of their shop.

5For The Shark Week Geek: The Jaws Ring

Some girls just can't get enough of those big, fleshy monsters: sharks. If that describes your gal, then take a bite out of her heart with this hinged shark jaw necklace designed as part of the Disney Couture Little Mermaid line.

6For The TwiTard: Crochet Vampire Bite Necklace

It's so easy to rip on Twilight fans, but let's be honest: it's not really that bad. At least they're reading something and if liking bad literature was a crime, then thousands of Dean Koontz fans would have been in jail years before tweens were fighting over Team Edward or Team Jacob. Here's the perfect opportunity to apologize to those you have tormented about their love of bad books with a vampire bite necklace.

7For The Multitasking CEO: Jewel Encrusted Bluetooth

What is there to say about this diamond and pearl encrusted Bluetooth headset other than “dear God, why?” With all the suffering and poverty in this world, some people can't find anything better to do with $50,000 than to buy something that will be outdated in another ten years if it doesn't just break first. If you know someone that is so vain and so rich that they actually want this thing, you should probably stop talking to them –after they buy you a Mercedes.

8For The Gardening Geek: The Greenhouse Ring

If your best gal likes botany of any kind, then she's sure to appreciate this beautiful and nerdy greenhouse ring. If she's been bugging you for an engagement ring, this can also be a great chance to stall by making her promise to keep the plant alive for the next year to prove her dedication to you.

9For The Classy Star Wars Fan: Storm Trooper Helmet Cufflinks

If you're a girl looking for the perfect gift for the geeky man in your life, these storm trooper cufflinks can give your man a little individuality to compliment his formal look. If he prefers comic books, the seller also carries great cufflinks featuring a variety of super heroes.

10For The Apple Fanatic: Macintosh Power Button Jewelry

Anyone who worships Steve Jobs is happy to wear the signs of their faith on their sleeve, and 925 Works gives Apple fans the chance to do it literally with bracelet and cufflinks made from Macintosh power buttons.

11For The Pretentious iPod Lover: Diamond Encrusted Earbuds

The weirdest part of this gift isn't the fact that the earbuds cost $3,500, but that anyone would want to add white gold and diamonds to some of the world's crappiest headphones. Anyone with a love of music knows that earbuds are practically trash that should be replaced as soon as possible, not invested in.

12For The Fallout Series Fan: Radiation Measurement Dosimeter Necklace

Have you ever felt like your girlfriend was cheating on you with Vault Dwellers, The Brotherhood of Steel or The NCR? Then get back in her good graces with this necklace made from a vintage dosimeter originally used to measure radiation levels. After all, if there's anything a good Fallout player knows, it's the importance of maintaining a reasonable RAD level.