Another 10 Creative Wallet Designs

1Bill Wallet

This $100 Bill Wallet ($16.02) will make you feel like you're loaded! Forget the economic downturn as you walk around with a wallet that looks like a stack of $100 bills! Simply insert this wad of realistic 100-dollar bills in your back pocket to create the illusion of wealth. Attracting women will be a cinch with this full-color printed wallet featuring luxurious satin-lined interior with loads of credit card inserts! Show me the money!

2Lego Wallet

If you're looking for something a little more original to keep your hard earned cash in, these handmade LEGO Wallets are definitely something to consider. Designed by ColorByNumbers.

3 NES Controller Velcro Wallet

The old-school NES controller pops up on a lot of products these days, but few fit the retro theme as well as a velcro wallet.

4Paper Wallet

You could try making a paper wallet like this one, very creative.

5Coca Cola Wallet

This amazing and attractive fun wallet is handmade from recycled Coca Cola cans. It is done by a family in Vietnam.

6Map Wallet

Origami artist Sok Song has created the ultimate way to carry the oddly shaped NY City Subway map. As part of his Green Folding Project in which he re-uses various everyday paper products he has created the “Subway Map Wallet”.

7Titanium Wallet

Gary Scott USA makes titanium wallets which are virtually destruction proof. The materials being used sound as though you need top secret clearance just to purchase one: "Military Specification Extruded Aluminum Piano Hinge" and "Military Specification Aluminum Rivets." The wallets are hand assembled and are available in a brushed or polished finish. The built in riveted money clip and card slot gives you quick access to your cash or credit.

8Food Wallet

Pitapocket wallet created by Israeli designer Anat Safran is a very creative wallet and part of the YummyPockets family consisting of Pita; Pizza; Taco & Cookie Shaped Pockets.

9 Holstee Wallets

These wallets are made from recycled trash found on the streets of New Delhi. Rad concept. Great cause. Nice looking wallet.

10Nokia Wallet X70

Here's a more unusual concept this time, the Nokia Wallet X70. We're dealing with a handset that has wallet functionality and can also make phone calls. It can carry your cash and credit card, write SMS messages, take pictures, it supports GPS functions and includes a music player.