10 of the Coolest Christmas Gifts for Men You Can Actually Buy

1iPhone Pinball

Work your slap save, backhand, drop stop and bounce pass on this working pinball machine "(app)cessory" ($39.95)! Just like the classic cabinets only smaller, Pinball Magic recreates classic arcade pinball action on your iPhone or iPod touch device. It even has flipper buttons, ball launching plunger and credit/select button. Oscillating LED indicator and animated backbox set the stage to reward your pinball wizard skills!

2Hide Your Beer Covers

Disguise Your Beer! Hide your Beer ($9.99) is a unique way to cover your beer can. It's a reusable cover that wraps around your can to look like a normal soft drink. When the can is empty, take off your stick on beer hider and put it on a full one. Perfect for the golf course, beach, pool, sporting events, boating, you name it!! Just peel off and slap on any cold can! Safety, Security, Convenience! Available in designs such as- Diet Cola, Dr. Pepper, 7-UP and others. Reusable over and over.

3Boob Job Teddy Bear

There's no better way to say "I know they're fake" than with the gift of this cuddly talking bear ($25.99). She says such wondrous things as "Lick my ni…" well, you can probably figure out the rest on your own. Handle this fun toy with care as it is not appropriate for children, most adults, or the elderly. This is one teddy bear you'll have to keep your eyes on!

4A Christmas Story Neck Tie

This Santa Musical Light-Up Necktie-Christmas ($7.99) is a great way to grab attention for yourself, have fun or give as a gift. At the press of a button, the tie lights up and plays Christmas caroles.

5Spy Video TRAKR

Add high-tech sophistication to your spying games with the Spy Video TRAKR ($206.98). This remote-controlled robot lets you record video with as much secrecy as possible. It transmits video to a full-color screen on the remote control for viewing in real time. For more advanced spying, TRAKR can run specialized apps for even better functionality, and it can store video on a memory card (sold separately) to upload the recordings to your computer. TRAKR offers hours of high-tech sleuthing fun.

6Finger Drums

Turn your drumming dreams into a reality with this touch sensitive Finger Drum Kit ($19). Complete with a bass drum kick and cymbal, this desktop drum kit has both a record and a freestyle function. The perfect gift for any drummer, talented or otherwise, the Finger Drum Kit is a must-have. Not only does it provide a great way to exercise your fingers, you can turn yourself into a superstar drummer without leaving your desk. You could even play games with your work buds, friends and family by asking them to name the tune. Prepare to be swooned over by adoring fans, followed by groupies, and emails to flood in from world class booking agents... OK, a guy can dream, can't he?

7Inflatable Spa

Everyone loves hot tubs, but not everyone has a good place to install one. Enter the LifeSmart Easy Access 90 ($699), which you can set up just about anywhere, including your backyard, your patio,or your sunroom. You can even bring it to a friend's house or take it on a road trip. The hot tub is also easy to inflate. Once the spa is standing, simply fill it with a garden hose and turn on the 900-watt, thermostatically controlled heater, which maxes out at a relaxing 104 degrees. There's no better way to escape from your day-to-day grind. Plus, the Easy Access 90 includes a massaging bubble system with 90 air jets, so you can soothe your aching muscles in luxurious warmth.

8Polaroid Instant Digital Camera

This Polaroid CZA-05300 PoGo Instant Digital Camera ($179.95) was the first digital camera and printer combination that is small enough to take on-the-go. The digital version of Polaroid's iconic instant camera, the Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera is a full-feature digital camera with an integrated printer.

9Led Glow Chess Set

Outshine the competition with this futuristic Lighted LED Chess Set ($76.99). The ancient game of chess just got a dose of WOW with high tech LED technology. The world's first LED lighted chess set will have everyone fighting to take a turn. This LED glow chess set comes with both a wall adaptor and a car adaptor, so you'll be ready to light up the night with your gamesmanship wherever you go.

10World's Largest Gummy Bear

The World's Largest Gummy Bear ($28.94) is the lion of the candy world. There is no candy more magnificent or more powerful. This five-pound beast is the equivalent of 1,400 regular sized gummy bears and packs a whopping 12,600 calories. Its monstrous size is only matched by its enormous taste. The World's Largest Gummy Bear tastes just as delicious as its pint-sized counterpart.