12 Funniest Men’s Underwear

For $8.99 you can have the US president under your pants. What a better way to seduce a girl than wearing this underwear with Obama's face on it?

The shaded keys on Kleargear's computer keyboard underwear spell out "Computer Geek." It would be better if they spelled out OMGWTFBBQ! But that's a small nit to pick, really.

Wear this Shaq underwear and KAZAAM!! Your sex life will disappear.

Lovelies, if you can find a straight male who will wear these, I just might personally buy them for you.

What ever happened to “don't kiss and tell'?

Very explicit underwear from The David Shorts Store.

Funny and original, this undie features icon prints from the iPhone applications.

Be true to your preferences.

You click, you buy!

Every man's secret identity.

Tough choice.

Christmas present.