8 Funniest Sick Notes

Check out thse eight funny notes you could use if you were not in the mood to go to work or attend classes.

Feeling like a porcupine… that's a new one.

Too drunk to work.

Apparently thinking too much can make you sick.

In Bizana, being mad is a reason to skip work. Talk about funny notes!

Sick note from a seven-year-old girl.

A ten-year-old girl who missed school for the day should escape punishment after being given this note for her teacher handwritten by Barack Obama.

This is the first recorded attempt of someone avoiding jury duty, it happened in 1821. The court's reaction to this note was the same as it would be today - see you in court!

Londonderry Saturday Evening
Sept. 29th, 1821

I do hereby certify that Mr. _________ of this town is now confined to his bed sick with dysentery. He was attacked night before last - his fever is severe - should he recover favorably he will not be able to sit up much next week. His wife and hired girl, the whole family is also sick with dysentery.

iPhone App sick note signed by Dr. Zhivago!