10 Creative Fridge Magnets

1 App Magnets

Whatever you want to do... There's an app for that ($12.36). That's right. Whether you want to buy movie tickets, read the news, write a review, pay a tip, catch a taxi, or even train your dog, there's an app to help you out.

2Ninja Shuriken Magnet

To the Taiwanese designer, Lee Weilang, the most impressive weapon that a ninja holds is definitely the mysterious "shuriken". Now you can enjoy throwing star magnets to your fridge or any metallic surface like the ninja from the old days, whenever you want to post a note or deliver a secret message ($17.99)!

3Sushi Magnets

The Sushi Magnet ($4.99) are great little items for your kitchen.

4 Eternal Magnetic Calendar

This stylish magnetic calendar was created by designer Serhiy Chebotaryov, using magnets. This easy customizable calendar would look just great in any home; all you need to do is to put it on the fridge door. Also contains symbols such as going on holiday, arrival, departure, and various others. It won the Bronze at the Kiev International Advertising Festival '08.

5Star Wars Magnet

Feel the Force of the fridge! Decorate your refrigerator or other metal surfaces with Lego Star Wars magnets ($23.89) ! Set of fully posable minifigures includes Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

6Digital Photo Frame Fridge Magnet

Digital Photo Frame Fridge Magnet ($33.71) is a mini photo frame combined with a fridge magnet. Cool and very creative.

7Michael Fish Retro Weather Forecast Fridge Magnets

Retro Weather Fridge Magnets ($10.61) is a fantastically funny set of magnets that looks just like the symbols Michael Fish used to push around his weather board. Thankfully, you also get a Michael Fish magnet to take control of those cold fronts and rainy spells!

8Frida Kahlo Finger Puppet Magnet

Release your inner ethno-surrealist with this Frida Kahlo finger puppet ($4.55)! On your finger, she's a puppet; on your fridge, she's a magnet! And she's still too good for Diego.

9 Japanese Traditional Food Fridge Magnets

This set of traditional Japanese food ($9,99) looks so tasty! Includes: tea pot magnet, tea cup magnet, bowl of rice magnet, bowl of miso soup magnet, chopsticks on a chopstick rest magnet, and shusi fish magnet.

10Blue Q Naked Men In Oven Mitts Magnet Set

This Blue Q magnet set ($10.99) might be just what your refrigerators' been looking for. Made extra thick to really stick.