12 Unexpectedly Funny Google Results

Who needs jokes when you've got Google? Meet twelve strange, weird and funny Google query results.

No Google, I didn't even remotely mean that! But now that you mention it...

Now that's a targeted ad! Funny Google, real funny.

David Cameron is UK's Prime Minister in case you didn't know, and that picture seems to be his side profile, according to Google Images.

Talk about sensitivity...

Google just KNOWS what we're actually looking for when we think of Argentina.

Those French people just don't understand music.

Google has it with France!
According to our readers, the "french military victories" googlebomb is actually a fake google page made by the website albinoblacksheep.

So Google does have a sense of humor after all! "Nag a ram" is indeed an anagram of the word "anagram".

So Sigur Rós in Islandic is actually Foo Fighters. Interesting, thanks Google!

Is there anything you won't find on Ebay anyway?

This Google Bomb was actually up for quite some time.

You see? Google's got it right! Just kidding, honey...