13 Coolest Objects Made of Wood

From a full functional computer to a handcrafted Vespa motorcycle, meet thirteen of the coolest wood objects we've seen.

1Wooden Vespa

Carlos Alberto, a Portuguese craftsman, made this inspiring wooden Vespa by hand. Classic Vespa is one of the most gorgeous designs in history, and this is a really worthy remake. The seat and package tray, are also made from wood.

2Wooden Computer

Marlies Romberg, a young designer, has made a computer out of wood, complete with the monitor, mouse, computer table and an engraved wood computer keyboard.

3Wooden Supercar

Built in Japan, the Wooden Supercar is made entirely out of wood except its engine and other mechanical gear. It is said to be made by some furniture manufacturer and can reach the speeds of up to 90km/h.

4Wooden Bike

This is the newest chopper style wooden bike from Warren Von Botbyl, he's called this one the Instigator.

5WoodStation Alarm Clock

The WoodStation is an alarm clock and a weather station. What's really nifty is that you can tell the weather by just glancing at the LED icons that shine through a thin layer of wood.

6WALL-E Wooden Sculpture

Created by Hertfordshire, United Kingdom-based sculptors and CNC/rapid-prototyping masters Morpheus, this wooden WALL-E sculpture is a limited edition of one. Commissioned by Disney as a gift for Pixar/Disney chief creative officer John Lasseter.

7Wooden Clamp USB Flash Drive

The USB pendrive memory in the form of typical wooden clamp. It can be easily fastened to clothes, thus forming an amusing decoration both for women and men.

8Wooden Bulb

Now that's a different bulb! And not only because it has a revolutionary shape but because it's made out of laser cut wood. This beautiful Wooden Bulb was design by Barend Hemmes.

9Wooden Flashlight

Here's another green gadget made from wood, the Wood Flashlight by designer Jonas Damon.

10Wooden Laptop Case

Creative wooden laptop case designed by Rainer Spehl.

11Wooden Mouse

This wooden mouse is handmade from Chinese flowering ash in Japan's rural Gunma prefecture and earns its name from the natural wood grain swirls and click button that resembles the largest planet's famous spot. The innovative design, however, isn't limited to form: the cursor moves in direction and velocity according to the tilt of the spherical mouse, which rests comfortably in the palm of your hand.

12 Wood TV

Swedx, the Swedish company who specialise in what they term as ‘unique products of natural character', has a wood finished LCD HD televisions that will come complete with matching wooden surround sound speaker units.

13Wooden iPad Cases

Vers is launching wooden iPad cases made from hardwoods and bamboo, made to protect your iPad in luxurious style without going the route of gilding or crystal encrusting.