12 Wackiest Landline Phones

1Hamburger Phone

Remember that funny phone from the movie "Juno"? Now you can have the same Hamburger Phone at home for only $12.99.

2French Fries Phone

Ever get hungry while talking on the phone? Now you can have some fast food talk with the French Fries Phone ($49.99).

3Hot Lips Phone

Ooo la la. Feast your eyes on the Hot Lips Phone, made for those who couldn't care less about phones jam packed with special features, but love funky retro gadgets.

4Simpsons Phone

The Homer Simpson Animated Talking Telephone ($42.79) alerts you to incoming phone calls like only Homer can! The phone dispenses Classic Homer wisdom such as "Don't touch it, it might be work!" and "I'm leaving the clowning business to the clowns in the clowning business!".

5Telecom Fur Phone

Oh yes, this fine Telecom Fur Phone ($24.21).

6Animated Spiderman Phone

Just what you were looking for, the Animated Spiderman Phone ($54.47) plays Spiderman's theme song with every incoming call redial.

7SpongeBob Flip Phone

Popular Nickelodeon character SpongeBob SquarePants is now a phone that kids will love. The one-piece corded yellow telephone is made of soft plastic. It plugs into a standard phone jack but flips open so kids can pretend they are using their own cell phone.
SpongeBob Flip Phone ($27.35).

8Star Wars R2D2 Novelty Phone

R2D2 ($59.99), the adorable electronic companion featured in the Star Wars films, now appears on your desk as a great novelty telephone. Dispelling the myth that phones are merely functional, the R2D2 moves his head when the phone rings, lights up, and emits sound effects. This is a must for any serious Star Wars fanatic.

9 Michael Jordan Animated Phone

When the Telemania Michael Jordan Animated Phone ($34.99) rings, the basketball opens to a basketball court complete with fans, MJ is announced, fans start cheering, and lights flash.

10The Incredible Hulk Animated Phone

You may not escape the HULK... but you'll definitely want to take a call from him with The Incredible Hulk Animated Phone ($69.99).

11Wall Mount Vintage Style Phone

This colonial style country phone ($82.95) is an authentic reproduction of early American heritage. While this beautiful recreation is designed to provide extremely high-quality communications, it has all the charm of the faithful original. Originally introduced in the early 1920's, this classic features a crank handle that actually turns.

12Snoopy Animated Phone

This fun Snoopy & Woodstock Animated Phone ($39.99) features Snoopy, wearing a tux & sunglasses, plays his saxophone, taps his foot, and swivels his hips to the original peanuts theme song. Woodstock, wearing his top hat, dances along next to Snoopy; the animation will begin when an incoming call is received.