10 Fun Gadgets That’ll Freak Out Your Guests

Do you have unwanted visitors coming to your home? We've made a list with ten scary pranks you can buy to make sure you freak them out.

Scare unwanted visitors away with this dog alarm. With its electronic radar eyes, the Electronic Watch Dog ($299.99) can "see" through thick doors, walls and glass. And once his cord is plugged in, he'll stay on duty around the clock, indefinitely.

Receive your guest with this very friendly Not you Again Doormat ($19.99).

If they still want to come inside they will have to use this lovely Corpse Door Knocker ($14.99).

After they are in, invite them to sit at your couch previously covered with this Skeleton Sofa cover ($22).

It's time to have something to eat, how about serving some appetizers using this suggestive Fred Toothpick Holder ($15.52).

And for drinks, how about offering them some blood – I mean, red wine, using a Skull Goblet ($69.60).

Of course, if the visitors want to serve the drinks themselves, they will have to take the bottle from this real looking Rattlesnake Wine Bottle Holder ($21.99).

If they ask to use the bathroom, they won't stay for long after seeing this Scary Shadow Shower Curtain ($29.99).

They will be even more uncomfortable if you install the Creepy Toilet Paper Holder With Sounds ($5.99). Powered by 2 AAA batteries, any motion triggers terror-filled sounds of screams and howling.

Finally, and if they resist to leave, freak them out with this realistic-looking remote-controlled tarantula ($17.94). The creepy critter has light-up eyes, a furry texture and it scurries across any flat, smooth surface with spider-like leg movement. This will surely pull the trigger.