10 of the Dumbest Cops Ever

1Cop shoots himself during a school gun safety demonstration

This DEA Cop was giving a talk to kids on gun safety when he shoots himself in the leg. Then he tries to show the kids another gun and they all get scared and tell him to put it down.

2Cop call the cops because he thinks he and his wife had an overdose on marijuana brownies

This cop called 911 for help after he and his wife accidentally overdosed their baked brownies with marijuana. You get to hear some of the dumbest remarks from this cop while being asked by the operator.

3Cops run right past the bank robbers

They ran right past the bank robbers, and they never saw them.

NOTE: this video is actually an ad for 2008 Chevy Malibu.

4Cop gets smashed by gate they were trying to pull away

A member of the SWAT team stands a little too close to the gate they're trying to pull away.

5Cop rescues the wrong woman

This cop was determined to save this lady from her house burning down. Oops.. wrong house!

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6Cop confuses gun with penis

He mistakes penis for a weapon.
Who keeps something like that there?

7Cop almost shoots her partner

This cop broad fires off her gun while pointing it at her partner handcuffing the suspect.

8Cop falls off his bike

A simple wire can be very dangerous. For a cop that is.

9Cop forgets to put the handbrake on

A cop pulls a car over to make a routine traffic stop but forgets to put his handbrake on, so his car rolls away and crashes.

10UK police drives into flood

When you're in trouble and no-one else can help, don't call these cops...