12 Amazing Photos of Urban Camouflage

Born in Shandong province, China, Liu Bolin, 36, uses paint and camera to create these wonderful camouflage works of art.

No trick photography or photoshopping is used to create the illusion of an invisible man.

In Desiree Palmen's photo series titled "Camouflage", a suit is painted in such a way that the wearer seems to "disappear" into the background.

Another work from Desiree.

Using wallpaper designed by Florence Broadhurst, artist Emma Hack painted models to match, making them literally disappear into the wall. The detailed work matches the walls patterns to a tee, creating an effect that even the best photoshop jockey would be hard pressed to replicate.

By Liu Bolin, at the Red Mansion Foundation gallery, London

Can you see the man in this one?

The invisible Skoda Fabi by Sara Watson. (Thanks, pcb)

The Dutch artist Desiree Palmen lives and works in Rotterdam, NL. Many of her pieces are based around the idea of camouflage - the act of being unseen, undetected. To create the site specific suits Palmen photographs a precise location. She then paints the image of the place onto a suit by hand. A person then wears the finished suit and poses in the original location - trying to blend into the space as much as possible.