World’s Slimmest Houses and Buildings

This small house is located in Toronto. It has a living room, kitchen and bedroom. The entire house sits on a parcel of land 7.25 feet wide and 113.67 feet long. Its interior surface is slightly under 30o square. (Behind the house, you even have a small cute patio). It's on sale for $173,000.

What do you do with a remnant space only 2.4 meters (7 feet 10 inches) wide? Sculp(IT), a "young, progressive and complementary team of architects who apply their passion for architecture to every task given" from Antwerp, decided to turn it into a home and office.
Four wooden floors between two existing walls, hanging in a steel skeleton, organize this house: downstairs for work, dining on 1st, relaxing on 2nd, sleeping on 3rd, and on the roof, go and enjoy the view.

The border to the outside is only glass. Transparency not only a necessity, but also a trump card.

This house is located in Amsterdam and is maybe one of the thinnest houses in the world. Absolutely crazy.

Zur Wage 1273, Konstanz, Germany.

The Sliver House designed by Boyarsky Murphy was built on the site of a single-storey wine vault that served an adjacent pub. From the street it looks impossibly small, with a 3m frontage and 8m height. It looks even smaller because of its wide and high neighbours.

This slim yet beautiful house is located in Toronto and was designed by Drew Mandel.

The site area of this house is 130 sqm while the constructed area is 65.7 sqm. Very small indeed. The interior looks beautiful though. The main theme of this house involves the slopes and architecture. Located in Japan and designed by Shuhei Endo.

Osaka, Japan

In Paris, France.

Thin building in Nagasaki , Japan.

The white building standing on the left side is the so called “Capsule Hotel”. It's located in the right above Daimon crossing. Hamamatsucho Station, Tokyo, Japan.

In London, England.

Charleston, SC.