10 Awesome Trucks

1EX63-HDM 6x6 Truck

Looking from the outside, this vehicle looks like a garbage truck. You wouldn't imagine how luxurious they are until you step a foot on it. This fancy truck is especially made by the German company Unicat.


The Dekotora, an abbreviation for "Decoration Truck", is a kind of loudly decorated truck most commonly found in Japan and the Philippines. Dekotora commonly have neon or ultraviolet lights, extravagant paints, and shiny stainless or golden exterior parts. These decorations can be found on both the cab and the trailer, and not only on the exterior but also in the interior. Dekotora may be created by workers out of their work trucks for fun, or they may be designed by hobbyists for special events.

3The Sauna Truck

Many Russians like sauna or “banya” as it's being called in Russia. They don't imagine their next weekend without a visit to such a place together with their friends. This big demand for saunas in Russia has generated the creation of such a strange device as “The Mobile Sauna”. A four wheel drive truck equipped as a sauna. It can take you deep inside the Russian woods and you would have your sauna there. Sauna lovers say that there is nothing in the world like jumping right from the hot sauna into the cool waters of a forest lake in some place hundred of miles away from civilization.

4Iron Wolf Truck

This weird truck was spotted in Russia. Made by a group of Moscow bikers, the vehicle was called “Iron Wolf”. It looks like just stepped out the Mad Max movie and it can be met on roads of Russia every day, it's not from some art gallery.

5Decorative Pakistani Trucks

Even though truck art isn't unique to Pakistan anymore, nowhere else in the world is the practice so pervasive. In a country where the per capita income is barely north of $2,000, it is surprising to see fleet owners (the trucks aren't owner-operated) spend $3,000-$5,000 per truck for structural modifications that convert these gas-guzzling, smoke-spewing, road-dominating monstruosities into beautiful moving canvases covered in poetry, folk tales, and ‘…religious, sentimental and emotional worldviews of the individuals employed in the truck industry,' making it one of the biggest forms of representational art in the country.

6Liebherr T 282B: Largest on Earth

Liebherr, a heavy equipment manufacturer in Germany, are designers of the largest earth-hauling truck in the world, the T 282B. It weighs 203 tons empty, has a maximum operating weight of 592 tons, and can carry 365 tons. This beast of a truck will set you back around $3.5 million, but CD-player and air-con are optional.

7Rotel: The Hotel Truck

This German creation, called the Rotel, or Das Rollende Hotel (the Rolling Hotel), is a mobile hotel in the form of a truck. I imagine it is like a mobile home, except that you're sharing it with a lot more people.

8Colani's Concept Truck

These awesome trucks have been made on a Mercedes platform and are the sexiest trucks on the planet. A Swiss-German industrial designer named Luigi Colani has crafted them.

9Big Rig Jig

Made of two 18-wheeler discarded tanker trucks, the Big Rig Jig was designed by artist Mike Ross. The work serves both as a sculpture and an architectural space: visitors may enter the lower truck, climb through the tankers, and emerge through a portal at the top. The rear axles of the upper tanker serve as a viewing platform, forty-two feet in the air.

10Russian Police Monster Truck

Here's a weird police amphibious truck that can practically go over anything, including water.