10 Most Bizarre Collections

1Celebrity Autograph Collection... signed with his own name!

Paul Schmelzer collects autographs, but not the usual kind: he asked famous writers, artists, politicians, and movie stars to sign his own name! The collection has over 70 autographs, including one by Noam Chomsky and another by Dan Castellaneta, Homer Simpson's voice.

2Penis Collection

In 1997 a man in Iceland, named Sigurdur Hjartarson, decided to open a Museum to show the world his eccentric collection: 143 penises from 41 mamals. He's still waiting for a final donation to complete his collection, a human one.

3World's Biggest Pokemon Collection

A lady called Pikabellechu holds the Guinness world record for having the largest Pokemon collection in the World. She has it all, from a car to a figurine of each one of the beasts. Not surprisingly, she is also a conference regular and considered very much a Pokemon expert. “I also create my very own costumes that I wear to Pokemon events, kids' events, conventions and other media related events,” she says. “I just don't collect Pokemon, I pretty much live it as well.”

4Soap Bars' Collection

A pensioner from Birmingham, UK, collected more than 5,000 bars of soap from all over the world. Carol Vaughn, 65, has been collecting the impressive horde since 1991 and has no plans of throwing in the towel. Her collecting started as a way to pass the time while she was caring for her mother, and now has seen her build up the haul from all over the world, from as far afield as Australia.

5Locks Of Celebrity's Hair Collection

John Reznikoff is the owner of a large and bizarre collection: he collects hair of celebrities and historical figures. Reznikoff has the most expansive collection of famous locks in the world. His collection includes hair from Abraham Lincoln, Edgar Allan Poe, Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe. Reznikoff has been able to sell tiny pieces of his collection. In 2007, a company named LifeGem created a diamond from a lock of Ludwig van Beethoven's hair that was in Reznikoff's collection.

6Toaster Collection

Jens Veerbeck, 40, owns a unique Toaster Collection which contains over 600 models, including one worth £3,500 from the 1920s. He has now created an online toaster museum to display the hundreds of designs that are stored in a converted loft of his apartment in Essen, Germany. While his hobby is expensive - some of the rarer models have cost up to £1,500 each - he says they have more than doubled in value.

He first discovered his interest in the kitchen appliances while he was browsing a flea market fifteen years ago on a trip to San Francisco, when he bought an old chrome pop-up toaster from the 1950s to use it in his kitchen, but it sparked a love affair which goes on to this day.

7World's Biggest Happy Meal Toy Collection

Luke Underwood's massive collection of 7,000 promotional items is believed to be the largest of its kind in the UK and attracted bidders from all over the world. The rare Mcmemorabilia featured the only known complete set of the 101 Dalmations in their original bags, as well as hundreds of Happy Meal boxes, toys and posters. The 11-year-old is now $10,000 richer after his set of memorabilia recently went under the hammer.

8World's Biggest Dalmatians Collection

Karen Ferrier, a 44-year-old secretary, is a Dalmatian-obsessive woman who owns a collection of 3,500 spotty items she has been accumulating over 17 years. Karen started to collect all things spotty after buying her Dalmatian Ditto as a puppy. Her 'fetish' went so far she even got her husband Chess to paint black spots on her white Fiesta and her white Smart car. She recently had to sell her collection, worth about £1,200, because she has moved into a caravan after splitting with her husband and does not have space.

9World's Biggest Coca-Cola Collection

Colaplaza.com's owner is an anonymous Coca-Cola can collector. He has been collecting since the early 80s and has over 8000 different Coca-Cola cans in his collection.

10World's Biggest Scalextric Collection

In late 2008, a man sold the world's biggest collection of Scalextric models: a set of more than 1,000 cars, two-and-a-half miles of racetrack and countless accessories. The collection includes a rare blue Bugatti Type 59 and a yellow Ferrari Berlinetta GT250 and other 1,000 Scalextric models.

The owner acquired his first Scalextric in 1957, when the brand was launched, and has added to it over the last half century. There are 80 boxed sets in the collection, including modern Spiderman and Knight Rider models. There is even one of only three known prototype Batmobiles. The auction of this collection raised £99,000.