Playing with Food: 15 Pieces of Food Art

29-year-old Vanessa Dualib is a Brazilian artist who gets an almost embarrassing amount of fun at photographing veggies and fruits that were, clearly, ‘born’ to be something else in this world.

Her latest work, Playing with my Food, is an on-going project she’s still enthusiastically working on. “It actually started about 5 months ago when I decided to mix up 3 of my favorite things in life: photography, food and humor!” she explained to Oddee. The purpose? Make people smile. Meet her fun work below.

Pac-Man, Camembert style!


Finally! An honest Fortune Cookie…

Native Carrots

Direct from Liliput, the ‘Walnut Workers’

‘Conception’ explained by me

Fast Food!

The Mysterious Case of Pepe, the Pepper.

Potatosaurus Dulcis and ‘Al’ Bergine

Radish Cardinal

Radish Mice


The Little Carrot

Oh No! Swim for your lives…

Moooooom… the ingredients are smiling at me… AGAIN!