7 Wedding Proposals Gone Bad

1The Woman Who Swallowed the Engagement Ring Hidden in a Milkshake

When Reed Harris asked Kaitlin Whipple to marry him, he didn’t plan it out that well. First he took to her a Wendy’s to do it. Second he hid the ring her Frosty milkshake. Third he invited her friends and one of them challenged to a race to down the Frosty. What happens next makes you wonder why she said yes. She swallowed the ring whole. Reed drove her to the hospital to find out if she did indeed swallow the ring and she did. Two days later she got her ring and the two are set to marry around early June when it is warm and Frostys melt! Although she said she would have felt it. Frostys numb your tongue and she probably didn’t feel it. Poor Katilin but at least she will remember it always.

2The Engagement Ring that Took Off Inside a Helium Balloon

A London man named Lefkos Hajji, wanted to “pop the question” to his fiancee, Leanne, literally. His idea was to hide her $12,100 diamond engagement ring inside a helium balloon. Then, he would present it to her and “pop” the question.Now, some of us see the obvious danger in hiding a ring inside a helium balloon. Lefkos didn’t. After leaving the balloon store, a gust of wind swept the balloon out of his hand. Like a bad dream, Lefkos saw her ring (and his money) floating calmly away in a balloon.He tried to chase it in his car for two hours, but it soon became a mere dot vanishing on the distant horizon. “I just watched as it went further and further into the air. I felt like such a plonker,” said Lefkos. Leanne, 26, has shown what a worthy bride she will be. She is not speaking to Lefkos until she gets a new ring.

3The Quirky Marriage Proposal That Triggered an UFO alert

A young man’s creative marriage proposal apparently triggered several UFO reports in a small town in Germany. Bavarian police say several people called during one night to alert them to strange lights floating above the sleepy town of Plattling. It turns out the lights were 50 paper lanterns sent aloft by a 29-year-old man proposing marriage to his girlfriend. Neither the man nor the 27-year-old woman were identified. However, police reported the woman did say “Yes.”

4The Man Who Dropped The Ring On Brooklyn Bridge

Imagine saving enough money to buy the love of your life a beautiful diamond ring, only to drop it off the Brooklyn Bridge just as she agrees to marry you. Teacher Don Walling planned to propose to his girlfriend, Gina Pellicani, on the Brooklyn Bridge’s pedestrian walkway with his family looking. But at the moment of truth, Walling dropped the ring through a crack in the pedestrian bridge and into traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge roadway below. But he didn’t let his shock sway him for long. He kissed the bride to be and said he was going to get the ring back. The groom-to-be jumped onto the bridge’s roadway and began looking for the ring.

Miraculously, he found it. The ring is now being repaired and will be restored to its former luster, but Walling said the next time he gives it to his fiance it will be in the safety of his home.

5The Woman Who Was Swept Out To Sea Before Proposal

A romantic marriage proposal on the Oregon coast turned deadly for the bride-to-be when a wave swept her out to sea. Scott Napper had taken 22-year-old Leafil Alforque to Proposal Rock near Neskowin Beach to pop the question at a place that got its name from couples ready to marry. Napper and Alforque had been dating since they met on the Internet in 2005. Napper said the tide had receded around Proposal Rock on Saturday when the couple began to walk to it. He planned to propose and give her the ring he carried in his pocket. About 10 feet from the rock, a wave about 3 feet high suddenly came toward them. By the time he turned to find Alforque, only 4-foot-11 and 93 pounds, she had been caught by the receding waters. She was never seen again.

6The Man Who Got Rejected in front of 20,000 people

This poor guy planned an elaborate Valentine’s Day proposal in front of a live national TV audience and stadium full of people. What in the world could go wrong? Well, you’ll have to watch the video.

7The Woman Who Swallowed her Engagement Ring Hidden in a Cake

Remember that woman who swallowed her ring on a milkshake? Well, she’s not alone.A Chinese woman passed out in after accidentally swallowing an engagement ring her boyfriend had hidden in a cake. Mr Chen, of Xinyan Town, Fuqing City, said he was inspired by romantic movies in which leading men hid rings in cakes and gave them to their girlfriends. “I imagined the surprise on her face, mixed with happiness,” he regretfully told the Southeast Morning Post.

Instead, his girlfriend Wen fainted when she saw Chen get down on one knee. “I realized I had just swallowed the ring with a full mouth of cake,” she said. Chen called the police, who immediately sent Wen to hospital. Doctors used a catheter to retrieve the ring from her stomach.

On waking up, Wen accepted Chen’s marriage proposal.