15 Spectacular Lightning Strikes

This shot shows a lightning bolt striking an airplane taking off at Osaka’s airport, then hitting the ground. Lightning is not dangerous for airliners, as the electricity flows around their aluminum skin.

Lightning strike on Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas.

(photo by joe holmes)

(photo by darkmatter)

(photo by ramdac)

(photo by Kane Quinnell)

(photo by Echo9er)

(photo by YardSale)

(photo by aixcracker)

(photo by Leorex)

(photo by Rick Elkins)

(photo by reutC)

(photo by southern heart)

(photo by Scott Stringham)

The famous photo of a comet between fireworks and lightning.On January 26, 2007, people from Perth, Australia gathered on a local beach to watch a sky light up with delights near and far. Nearby, fireworks exploded as part of Australia Day celebrations. On the far right, lightning from a thunderstorm flashed in the distance. Near the image center, though, seen through clouds, was the most unusual sight of all: Comet McNaught. The image is actually a three photograph panorama digitally processed to reduce red reflections from the exploding firework. (photo by Antti Kemppainen)