15 Creepiest Old Album Covers

This. Is. Just. Awful.

Most of Butthole Surfers albums covers are bad, but this is beyond bad taste

This is actually recent (1999), but the creepiness factor of it makes us reconsider life

“Let me touch him”. These four might be responsible for the invention of the restraining order

This has to be one of the most depressing album covers ever

After a Sex Change Surgery in 1956, Ray Bourbon became Rae Bourbon and made this bizarre record to tell it to the world

Funkey honkey, nasty nigger…

A live baby chick on top of a dead baby chick laying on top of a fried egg in a frying pan… yeap, lovely

Pussy… cat… get it? Yeap, funny and classy

Not content to merely show someone using the toilet, Fortran 5 decided to go that tasteful extra mile and provided us with a nude man taking a bath.

After this, we’re pretty sure we’ll never be able to smile again

Now this is one creepy gang

These guys look like that depressing band your uncle hired for his cheap wedding…

Look Ira, we don’t really want to know what you’d be like as a woman…

Satan is Real… and the “Louvin Brothers” are there to sing about it