12 Crazy Old Videogame Ads

Master your skills, while being an overgrown man-child who’s cheating on his girlfriend/mom with a Game Boy
(Interact Games – 1994)

On “Revengers of Vengeance” you seek for revenge in return for their vengeance, which came as a revenge of your vengeance, which… nevermind.
The best of all? It’s “based on a true story”
(Extreme Entertainment Group – 1993)

Got Milk? Then don’t blow it out your nose
(Data East – 1995)

CYBERpad is capable of making a skeletal human forearm jump out of your TV to strangle you at any moment
(Suncom – circa 1991)

The perfect Christmas guest
(Muse – 1982)

Good things will happen… like a baseball breaking your window and hitting you in the head.
(Tecmo – 1994)

Life lesson: Never give your Joystick to an Alligator
(Hot-B – 1990)

Apparently, nerds get cooler by playing videogames
(Hot-B – 1990)

What’s better than golf? ROBOTIC golf of course!
(TOHO – 1993)

Once you start playing the “Zoop” game, it replaces the girl of your dreams, your acne pimples… and such a healthy game is America’s largest killer of time.
(Viacom – 1995)

“Actual Scream Shot”…
(Universal Interactive Studios – 1992)

Tell Santa you have no ballz kid
(PF Magic – 1994)

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