10 Amazing Contemporary Sculptures

1Black Whole Conference: made of 72 chairs

The Black Whole Conference chair sculpture was made out of 72 chairs by Michel de Broin on 2006.It was part of the Québec Triennial “Nothing is Lost, Nothing is Created, Everything is Transformed” exhibition at the Musée d’Art in Montreal.

2Sound Wave: made of melted vinyl records

On 2007, korean artist Jean Shin created Sound Wave out of melted vinyl records. The sculpture was part of The Museum of Art and Design’s exhibit “Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary.”The artist explained the sculpture shows “the inevitable waves of technology that render each successive generation of recordable media obsolete.”

3Controller of the Universe: dozens of tools suspended in the air

The 2007 sculpture by Damián Ortega Controller of the Universe consists of scores of suspended hand tools pointing outward as though in midexplosion.It’s part of the exhibit “That Was Then … This Is Now” at the P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center.

4Economy: Melting Ice Sculpture

To symbolize today’s economic meltdown, artists Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese made this ice sculpture of the word “ECONOMY” and set set it outside in downtown Manhattan. They did it on October 29 because it was the 79th anniversary of the 1929 stock market crash leading to the Great Depression.

5Reach for Light: a Skateboard Flower Sculpture

Reach for Light is a Skateboard Flower Sculpture made by Ted Hunter form Roarockit Skateboard Co. The flower petal designs are actually printed using photo’s of real tulip petals. It was shown on 2005 at the Wood Turning Center in Philadelphia.

6Jones’ Book Sculptures: made of old books

Australian artist Nicholas Jones turns old books into fine art. Using old books he finds at the bins of the University of Melbourne library, Nicholas makes incredibly detailed cuts and folds with each page, and transforms each piece into a work of true work of art.

7On Gold Mountain: San Francisco’s cityscape made of stainless steel cookware

Displayed at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, On Gold Mountain is cityscape of San Francisco created by artist Zhan Wang using stainless steel pots and pans and silverware.

8Very Hungry God: made of 1,000 kg of kitchen utensils

Made out of hundreds of kitchen utensils, pots and pans, Very Hungry God made by the artist Sudobh Gupta on 2006is now on display at the Frieze Art Fair in Regent’s Park, London.

9Hellraiser’s Pinhead: an amazing sand sculpture

This sand sculpture of Pinhead (a character from Hellraiser movies) was made by Latvian artist Helena Bangert on Zeebrugge (Belgium) in 2004.

10Elvis: a sculpture made of 50,000 matchsticks

This Elvis bust was made by David Mach, a scottish sculptor and installation artist,using no less than 50,000 matchsticks!