Bizarre Celebrity Merchandise

1KISS Kasket
Death is no barrier for a true fan

Death is no barrier to proudly displaying your love of theatrical heavy rock band Kiss, who launched their own coffin – the Kiss Kasket – in 2001.

The coffin, which could double up as a refrigerator to chill beer while the owner was still alive, showed the four Kiss members in full stage make-up and sold for $4,000.

2Danny Devito’s Liqueur
Following his drunken appearance on TV

The Italian-American actor is now branching out into Italian lemon liqueur following a drunken appearance on US TV show The View late last year.

“I knew it was the last seven limoncellos that was going to get me,” he said at the time.Showing a true businessman’s instinct for turning a PR disaster to his advantage, his own brand of his favourite tipple went on sale in the US on 2007, costing $23.99 for 750ml.

3Bill Wyman’s metal detector
Former Rolling Stones’ bassist, now on to other heavy metals

Bill Wyman is best-known for being the Rolling Stones’ bassist from 1962-93. But since leaving the ageing rockers, he has developed an interest in a different set of relics.

He is helping amateur archaeologists by bringing out a metal detector that he says is lightweight and easy to use but still delivers “serious treasure finding performance”.

Wyman boasts that he has uncovered a Roman homestead, the site of a Medieval lamb fair, 14th Century gold coins and blades dating back 3,000 years.

4Rock Rod: Warren Cuccurullo’s Self-modeled Dildo
From Duran Duran to dildos

Good thing we didn’t find pictures for this one. In July of 2001, Duran Duran’s Guitarrist relaunched his fan club website, adding additional members-only sections that included sexually explicit material of himself having sexual relations, music downloads, a chat room, Q&A section, and message board. Despite his rapidly enlarging fanbase among gay males (and despite persistent rumors and requests), his adult material is all heterosexual in nature. Later that year, he created the “Rock Rod,” a self-modeled dildo that sold through the manufacturer’s website and in adult stores.In 2004, all adult material was removed from his website. Many clips of his porn work are regularly circulated on the web.

5Sir Cliff Richard’s Wine
Cliff himself said it was “rubbish” in a blind tasting

One of the UK’s best-selling pop stars entered the wine-making business after buying an estate in the Algarve, Portugal.

The Adega do Cantor (Winery of the Singer) now produces the Vida Nova (New Life) wines and Sir Cliff can often be found “getting his feet dirty” in the winery, its website says.The wine has won mixed reviews – it has won some prizes but The Times declared it to have a “creosote-spiked finish” and Sir Cliff himself said it was “rubbish” in a blind tasting on Gordon Ramsay’s TV show. Sir Cliff says Ramsay tricked him.

6Barbra Streisand Dog thermal hoodie
So your dog doesn’t go all Yentl on you this winter

Streisand fans can no keep their dogs warm. From the official site: “This thermal hoodie is decorated with the Barbra Streisand Crest and has hole in the neck for her leash, a pocket for caring biscuits and an adjustable closure to make sure she stays warm.”

7Steven Seagal’s Energy Drink

We wouldn’t dare to get any information wrong about Steven Seagal’s energy drink, so this is quoted directly from the official site:”Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt is an energy drink as unique as the man who created it. It has pioneered the way for nutritional, all natural energy drinks and emerged as many “firsts”:First energy drink to contain Tibetan Goji Berries (…) and to contain Asian Cordyceps”