World’s Most Bizarre Magazines

1Girls and Corpses

Girls and Corpses? “Well, if you’re like me –explains the author, writer Robert Steven “Corpsy” Rhine– you like two things: beautiful girls and rotting corpses. So, I thought, why not bring these two great tastes together in one magazine?”

Probably the world’s most bizarre magazine in history, Girls and Corpses is sort of like Maxim Magazine meets Dawn Of The Dead. There are pictures in each issue of beautiful, scantily clad young beauties posing with hideous, decaying, festering corpses. As they would put it, “so many corpses… so little time”.

2Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine

Miniature donkeys? Miniature Donkey Talk is a magazine dedicated to “ALL SIZED” donkeys.Published for 18 years, the mag actually claims to be “AT LEAST 4 times greater distribution than ANY miniature donkey publication!!!” Competition must be tough.

3Modern Drunkard

Standing up for your right to get falling down drunk since 1996, Modern Drunkard will improve your booze knowledge every month or so, or as they put it: updated whenever.

4A Bear’s Life

“About the early 1990’s there was talk about groups of men similar to us in looks and interests, most of them big, hairy, friendly and affectionate guys, that were forming clubs, a sub-culture of the gay community. They called themselves… ‘Bears’. We are happy and thrilled to bring you a magazine that celebrates the Bear Community.”There’s a mag for everyone.


Ever wanted to read all there is to know about Sheep? Yeah, me neither!Sheep! Mag is published bi-monthly in north-central Wisconsin; each issue contains boring articles about all kinds of sheep. Bahhh!


WTF?! behold the OMFG magazine. Not really a bizarre magazine in itself, except for the name of course.The Official Meeting Facilities Guide (OMFG) is a trade publication.