7 Most Bizarre Folk Remedies

1. Peruvian Cure for Impotence: Frog Juice

They call it ‘The Peruvian Viagra’ and they say it’s great for you if you have a low sex drive. It’s the best aphrodisiac. ‘Extracto de rana’ (Frog juice) is in very high demand at local markets of Lima, Peru.

It’s also heals stuff like asthma, bronchitis, sluggishness, but who cares about those. As long as it gives you a good boner. The main aphrodisiac effect probably comes from one of it’s ingredients called Maca, which is a South-American plant known for it’s erotic powers.

You go to the market stall and you pick your frogs from a tank. The vendor takes them out and bangs them against the table to kill them. Then she peels the skin off them and she fills the blender with hot white bean broth, some honey, raw aloe vera and a generous portion of maca. Then she adds your plucked frogs and she turns the blender on. And voila, a delicious warm glass of frog juice.

2. Old Cure for throat inflammations: Dog Dung

“Album graecum” is the dung of dogs or hyenas that has become white through exposure to air. It is used in dressing leather, and was formerly used as a medicinal drug, often mixed with honey, to cleanse and deterge, chiefly in inflammations of the throat. Externally, it was used as a plaster, spread on skin to close and heal wounds.

3. Czech Cure for Aging: Beer Bath

In the town of Chodova Plana, Czech Republic, is located the world’s first “beer health center”, where they offer a soothing hot bath containing healing mineral water and a dark bathing beer. This “curative therapy” claims to have rejuvenating effects. There is also a bathside bar so you can sip beer while soaking in it.

4. Old Chinese Cure for Stomach aches: Monkey’s Gallbladder

The monkey’s gallbladder was a common folk medicine in China often used for a wide range of disorders including eye diseases, stomach complaints and even a child’s tantrums. Many ancient cultures used monkey blood for increasing the strength and stamina. It was also believed to have anti-aging effects. Over the centuries, people of various cultures have experimented with monkey blood and meat for anti-aging effects. Some even went to the extent of transplanting monkey gonads. In some of the places in Indonesia even until now, monkey brains are consumed as health remedies, impotency cures or as gourmet treats.

5. Ancient Egyptian Cure for Eye Infections: Bat’s Blood

Ancient Egyptians had a high incidence of eye infections and resultant blindness because of their near-constant exposure to sun, sand, and sandstorms. In order to combat the blindness suffered by so many people, Egyptian doctors applied the blood of bats to their blind patients’ eyes. Since bats were thought to have excellent night vision, it was assumed that this treatment would transfer that quality to people who put it in their eyes or injected it in their ears.

6. Old British Cure for Malaria: Spider’s Webs

Back when ague, a form of malaria, ran rampant through many parts of the world, various treatments were used to control the disease. One of the strangest was consuming tablets of compressed spider’s webs. The supposed medicinal qualities of spider’s webs have apparently been lost to history. Some variations of this treatment involved eating the actual spider – sometimes while it was alive.

7. South African Cure for AIDS: Having Sex with a Virgin

Surveys suggest that up to a third of South Africans believe in an ancient and bizarre “cure” for AIDS. This “cure” involves having sex with a virgin in the belief that it will cleanse the body of venereal diseases like AIDS. This myth made South Africa the world’s highest incidence of rape, taking the problem to the most despicable crime: an alarming high rate of child rape.