16 Weird Exclusives From The 2017 San Diego Comic Con

1Junkie Krusty the Clown

Krusty the Clown has always had his issues on The Simpsons, but he's never been a heroin addict—at least not yet. Thanks to DKE Toys and Dollar $lice Bootlegs, anyone can enjoy an as-of-yet-unwritten Simpsons scenario that might be too dark to be broadcast.

2Trump Wars

DKE introduced this mini arcade cabinet imagining a Star Wars universe where Trump replaced Darth Vader. It was a collaboration between Special Ed Toys, Timebandits, and Carlos Flores.


There are a lot of bullshit Comic Con exclusives every year, but only one, by Furry Feline Creatives, was honest about being one of them.


For those that want crappy exclusives that are superhero-related, Bored Inc. came prepared with this adorably shitty Poo-Quito, who flies through the skies of D.C. to fight injustice and bad combovers.


It must have been a shitty year for the artists of Comic Con because there were a whole lot of poop-themed exclusives. This R2-DPoo by Random Skull Productions imagined everyone's favorite beeping Star Wars robot as an outhouse on wheels.

6Tammy Scrunchie

Bob's Burgers is a quirky show, and their merch often matches that vibe with items like official aprons and Equestra Con tees. This year's goofy item—an official Tammy scrunchie just like the one seen on the show.

7Bob Ross Can Coolers

Almost all of Hot Properties' exclusives were based on Rick and Morty, except their Bob Ross Can Coolers which came in three happy, little designs.

8Log Lady Pin Mate

Remember those awful wooden peg toys of your childhood? Well, they're all grown up now thanks to Entertainment Earth, who introduced this Log Lady and Log set from Twin Peaks.

9Pop Cats

Have you ever wondered what your favorite fictional character or celebrity would look like as a fat cat? Thanks to Ninjabot, their Pop Cats book gives you an idea. It was printed in a limited edition run of 500 just for the convention.

10Star Wars Barns

What's even stranger than imagining pop culture characters as cats? How about picturing them as barns? Artist Justin C. Harder's Star Wars barn prints feature Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and a stormtrooper as icons of the American agricultural system.

11Skeletor Pinata

Skeletor's annoying speech pattern—particularly his habit of saying "Myah" all the time—has made many people want to bash him in the head over the years. With this Skeletor pinata by Super 7, you finally got the chance to do so.

12Chair Capes

Admit it; your office chair just isn't that super. The solution? Give it a limited edition chair cape from Entertainment Earth. This year's exclusive capes were based on the Justice League versions of Batman and Superman's costumes.

13Library Cards

Only in San Diego would the public library have such an interest in the local comic book convention, but the Downtown library not only hosts a number of Comic Con events it even has a booth at the event and distributes exclusive library cards for attendees.

14Star Labs ID

Wish you could have an SDCC exclusive ID card, but don't want one with your actual information on it? This Factory Entertainment set of STAR Labs ID cards feature the four scientific leads on The Flash. The set even included a retractable badge holder.

15Unicorn and Taco Pillow

Have you ever wondered what kind of a pillow Deadpool would most love to cuddle up with at night? Well, I think the brilliant minds at Bored Inc. created it.

16Unicorn Wonder Woman

Ok, having a plush dressed up as a character from one of the summer's most popular movies isn't that weird, but just look at this square unicorn plush thing—it's so charmingly strange and cuddly.