10 Dumbest Fashions

1See Through Jeans (Topshop)

Topshop's MOTO Straight Leg Jeans are made entirely out of plastic.
According to the retailer, the transparent trousers, which sell at $100, are "ideal" as a "statement piece" for a festival or costume party. If worn for an everyday look, Topshop suggests wearing anything that's going to cover your butt without the need to wear shorts underneath. These should be fun, and slippery, in the summertime.

Social media users were quick to criticize the retailer. "Topshop is ridiculous," one Twitter user wrote." Please, can we all join together to pray for the future of @topshop," wrote another, while another user called the pants an "abomination."

2Fake Mud Covered Jeans (PRPS)

Nordstrom sells a pair of men's jeans that are covered in fake mud, and they'll set you back a whopping $425.

Designed by PRPS, the jeans are said to “embody rugged, Americana workwear that's seen some hard-working action” and proudly feature “a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you're not afraid to get down and dirty.” One Twitter user, however, has a better solution:

3“Arena” Tote (Balenciaga)

Balenciaga strikes again with its “Arena” tote, which looks almost identical to Ikea's cheap plastic shopping bag.

The twin totes share the same bright blue shade, and both also have a very similar large, rectangular shape. The biggest difference? The price tag. The more luxurious Arena tote is priced at $2,145, while Ikea's is only $0.99.

Several people have expressed dismay with the overpriced and not-so-original Balenciaga bag, but Ikea played it cool saying, “We are deeply flattered that the Balenciaga tote bag resembles the Ikea iconic sustainable blue bag for 99 cents. Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag.”

4Ilse Sock Sandals (Gucci)

The leather and latex open-toe heels of this Gucci footwear are described as “a streamlined take” on the sock and sandal trend, which can be yours for $1190. The “sock” is detachable, allowing the wearer to choose their own shoe adventure.

Twitterers flooding the social media site with a flurry of opinions on what many believe is the ugliest shoe ever created:

5"Destroyed" Sneakers (Maison Margiela)

Maison Margiela's ripped-up sneakers look like they've been chewed up by a puppy and left out in the rain—and they cost an eyebrow-raising $1,425 at Neiman Marcus.

The Italian-made "Future Destroyed" high-top white-and-yellow sneakers feature "heavy distressing," which encompasses ripped and peeling leather, holes, and scratches. What a deal!

6Bare Butt Jeans (Vetements)

French fashion brand Vetements, in collaboration with Levi's, is here to one-up the rest with a pair of jeans that truly takes denim to a new level. The #VetementsxLevis jeans feature zippers down not only the backs of the legs, but also a zipper right smack down the center of the butt. At least you won't have to worry about splitting your pants!

Not to be outdone by any other item on this list, they retail for about $1800.

7A "Blanket Bag" Tote (Balenciaga)

Balenciaga's latest accessory has become a figure of mockery, because of its similarity to a regular household item.

The $3,670 lambskin-printed tote has been branded "hilariously stupid" by fashion fans because it looks exactly like a plastic blanket bag you probably threw away after dumping your blanket on your bed, for which you probably paid less than $50.

8Inside-Out Jeans (Ben Taverniti)

Designer Ben Taverniti's Inside-Out Jeans, which come as part of his "Unravel Project," retail for a super-casual $1,000.

The jeans look exactly as the name suggests— everything, including everything from the buttons to the pockets, is visibly inside out on purpose. The right-hand pocket reads, "To create something new you must first destroy" in small block lettering.

You, smart shopper, could save a grand by going home and turning what you already own inside out if you really want to achieve this look!

9DHL T-Shirt (Vetements)

Leave it to brand-of-the-moment Vetements to put a fashionable spin on the T-shirt worn by employees of courier giant DHL.

For £185 ($266), the design house offered the work shirt in bright yellow with the company's distinctive red logo. The high price tag has been branded "unethical" and "disgraceful," but in DHL's case it's perfectly legal—they're being paid some type of licensing fee for Vetements' use of the logo.

10Moto Clear Panel Mom Jeans

In 2017, Topshop also introduced Moto Clear Panel Mom Jeans. This distressed denim style features two clear plastic panels halfway down the leg, in an apparent effort to make knee caps the new patch of skin to show off. Mom jeans have come pretty far, huh?