12 Curious Traffic Signs

Danger! UFO Abduction! Seriously, did the city sign installer really not see the extraterrestrial connection?

A road sign in Alaska.

These safety signs on a remote Himalayan mountain road have driven tourists to hysterics, but may have saved their lives.

The signs on the Leh-Manali Highway, a 298-mile road with frequent plunging drops and landslide risks, include "Be gentle on my curves" and "If you want to donate blood, don't do it on the road." The road winds between the Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh regions in India, with signs that declare "Speed thrills but often kills" and "Driving faster can cause disaster."

A stop sign with a sign under it to remind you that the above sign is a stop sign. Information overload?

Signs are supposed to be helpful and understandable, right?

Confusing sign from Germany.

How many times did this happened before they had to put a sign?

I'm not sure what this sign is saying, but it seems to include glow-in-the-dark boobs and a large swimming penis.

Graffiti usually gets cleaned up by the council, but this bit of street art in Australia has been here for a long time. It depicts a before and after shot of a cassowary getting hit by a car. Hundreds of people have photographed it, and you can buy postcards, stickers, singlets, T-shirts, caps and stubby coolers with this famous image on them.