9 Craziest Gender Reveal Ideas

1With A Baseball

Like many expectant couples, Monique Tello and Steven Statter wanted to surprise everyone with the sex of their baby in a fun, creative way. While some opt for cakes or balloons, this baseball-loving duo pulled off a gender reveal that blows everything else out of the water. Steven plays baseball with an Orange County men's league every week, so Monique thought this was the perfect way to get him involved.

To pull it off, she came up with the idea to create a baseball from a plastic Christmas ornament filled with chalk powder. The couple was kept entirely in the dark—Monique's sister Marissa was the only one privy to the results of the gender scan and loaded the ball with the corresponding color of chalk.

They rented a baseball field and invited family and friends to wear either pink or blue to indicate their guesses. Photographer David Swayze explained that the pressure was on for Steven— they had one fragile ball, and one chance to get the shot. The dad-to-be, nicknamed “Showtime” for his hitting skills by his baseball buddies, stayed calm and focused.

2With A Rube Goldberg Machine

Taylor Calmus, a 30-year-old actor, comedian, daddy vlogger, and DIY enthusiast, has always wanted to build a Rube Goldberg machine. He finally got his wish when he created such a contraption to deliver the news of his unborn baby's sex.

The reveal starts out with some classic Rube Goldberg shenanigans. The couple's first child, 15-month-old Theo, knocks a sippy cup off his crib in the nursery, which triggers this series of events. There are several rooms, two sets of stairs, a lot of toy cars, a "you think this is the end, but it's not!" fake-out, and some very satisfying domino effects before the gender-revealing confetti cannon is finally triggered.

Calmus he built the elaborate contraption with the help of a friend over a weekend his wife was out of town. The friend loaded the confetti canon, so the reveal was a surprise to all the Calmuses.

3By Rifle

Jamie is a licensed massage therapist, and her fiance, Keith, is a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces. The Navarre, Florida couple wanted to do something awesome to reveal their baby's gender.

After a bit of research, they settled on the perfect idea—a labeled box filled with Tannerite and colored chalk powder to reveal their baby's sex.

Keith was faced with the task of bursting the box open by shooting it with a rifle. They looked for the perfect spot and found a beautiful wooded area in their hometown.

The couple was overcome with joy when the box opened, and the chalk in the air was blue. (Yes, they are having a boy!)

4With Hair Dye

Mom-to-be Amanda Parrish really committed to her gender reveal—she had her stylist, Amber Sacrison, dye her hair either blue or pink, and then surprise her at the end of the service.
In the now-viral video of the epic reveal, which Sacrison posted to her Facebook page back in November 2016, we see an anxious Parrish waiting for Sacrison to remove the towel from her head. The mirrors were covered while she was having her hair colored, so she had no idea what the outcome would be.

Once the towel is whisked away, bright blue locks spring forth, and Parrish immediately starts clapping and cheering.

5Paint Gun

If you'd like to get your gender reveal party guests involved with the fun without them getting in on the mess, try this water-gun color concept. You'll be bathed in pink or blue paint as you discover the baby's gender.

This couple was convinced they were having a third girl, so when they were covered in blue, they were surprised and amazed.

6By Soccer Goal

This proud soccer dad was delighted to reveal his baby gender by kicking a penalty. They will be the proud parents of a little girl.

7With A Firetruck

Many parents opt for balloons in a box or a gender reveal cake, however volunteer firefighters Chandra Hollinger and Brad Williams were never going to stick with convention for their gender reveal. The chief and assistant chief of the Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department employed a fire truck and hose to announce the sex of their baby to family, friends, and the wider community in Columbus, Indiana.

Perched with their three-year-old son atop a fire engine, the video shows the family anticipating the stream of water, followed by the big reveal. The fire department posted the video to its Facebook page with the caption, "Wayne township will be welcoming a little girl to the dept in August! We are so excited!!!!"

8With A Mustang Burnout

What more perfect way for a car-loving couple to reveal baby's gender than with an epic burnout? This pair outfitted a Mustang with colored smoke tires for a reveal on all four cylinders.

9With A Piñata

Admittedly, our first thought about a piñata gender reveal was, “Dear lord, someone just handed a hormonal woman a baseball bat!” But the more we looked at the photos, we realized the couple is having a really good time. Isaiah and Latasha were very excited to be welcoming their new baby to the world and decided to create a very unique moment.