How to Restore Car Paint? Follow 5 Simple Steps

To keep your precious car shine bright like a new one, we present you with this article. In this article, you will get some useful tips from which you will know how to restore car paint following a few easy steps.

You will not have to go to any car paint restorer, and you can do all sorts of paint restoration by yourself easily at home. From clear coat repair to keep it shiny, you will get the ideas in brief. Because we will also tell you how car paints can become faded and gradually lose its shine and start looking old. So let’s go!!

How to restore car paint?

Every day from going to the office or pick and drop your kids from school, we use our car as transportation. The regular use of a car makes its color fade but keeping your car shiny is not only vital to make it look good but also keep the value of your vehicle uptight.

Things we need

Before going to the steps, we need to know about the tools and objects we need to make our ride shiny again.

– Something to clean the car like shampoo or detergent

– A micro-fiber cloth

– Clay bar or detailing clay

– Clay lube

– Car polisher

– Car-polishing liquid

– Plastic zip bag or sandwich bag

5 easy steps to restore faded car paint

Here are home remedies for oxidized paint restoration to restore faded car paint following the five easy steps.

Step 1: Wash your car and dry

Washing your car and drying it properly is the first step to restore your car paint. Washing is necessary to take out all the dirt, fingerprints, bugs, industrial fallout, and other airborne pollutants and particles.

To wash the car, you can use shampoo or detergent and water. Mix detergent or shampoo with water and wash your car’s roof, bonnet, sides, backs, and the glasses.

Now apply water to clean the cleansing agents from the exterior of the car and wash the car properly. After washing, you can use a bit of Professional Car Polisher to make your completely dry and look clean.

Step 2: Surface prep (Remove all kind of surface contaminants)

After you are done with simple washing now, it’s time to take the surface prep. Just giving a simple to your car is not enough to clean the surface contaminants.

These contaminants are soot, paint overspray, tar, airborne pollutants, splattered bugs, etc. Most of these contaminants are not visible with the naked eye. But they are there. And they stick to your car in such a way that it becomes difficult to remove them. These surface contaminants are another reason for your paint to fade.

To clean up the surface contaminants, you have to identify them. Now there is a simple trick. You can put a hand inside a plastic bag and go over your car. A plastic bag will increase your sensitivity, and you will be able to feel the tiny contaminants like dust and cracks. And now you know where the pollutants are.

Now it’s time to apply to detail clay or clay bar. Use some clay lubricant and then take a clay bar and make it flat like a piece of folded cloth. And now rub and clean the places where you have located the contaminants.

And then, use the microfiber cloth rub the surface of your again and remove the lube by rubbing.  Go through the same process couple of more times.

Step 3: Polish to make it glossy

There are car polishes that you can apply and use the Car Buffer Polisher to make your car extra glossy. Apply the polishing liquid at first and then use the polisher for polishing your car and bring elegant shiny paint of it.

Step 4: Seal the paint

After a nice polishing, your car must be looking slick, but this shiny look of your car paint must sustain. There are car paint sealants that you can apply. Car paint sealant will ensure that your car paint will be shiny for months after using it in your car.

Step 5: Keep taking care

We use our car every day, and Sunlight, airborne pollutants, and many other things affect your car paint. To keep the car paint look it is new, you can always put a cover on your car. The cover will prevent the car from getting dirty and minimize the effect of the sun.

Keep washing your car and use the car polisher to keep the car shiny as it is new.

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Final word

Here are the 5 easy steps to restore car paint as reasonable as possible. Faded peeling paint is a common problem like Other Common Car Problems. But now you know how to restore car paint, you can always collect all the things and follow these steps to make your car look like it’s known.

We know how much your car is important to you. Therefore, we bring you this article so that you can keep your car shine bright like a star.
Have a happy drive.