Florida Man Takes His Dog Along on 100mph Motorcycle Police Pursuit

  • Just because you’re born to be wild, your dog may not be.

When you have a dog, you often want to take your little friend along for different activities. But there are some things that probably shouldn’t involve your pooch.

Like, say, a high-speed police chase on top of a motorcycle.

A Florida biker on a cross-country road trip recently tried to outrun the police in Louisiana. The extended chase saw the man traveling at 100 mph with his motorcycle.

That’s bad enough, but he also had his little dog with him. Together, the man and dog weaved in traffic while trying to escape from the cops.

Fortunately for everyone involved, the cops eventually stopped the man and no one was injured in the incident. Unfortunately for the man, his dog was taken in while he is in custody.

Not to dismiss how the man feels about his pet, but we think the dog might be currently in better care.

Photo courtesy of Many Police Department.

Clearly a Superhero Fan

The chase took place on April 4 near Natchitoches, Louisiana. According to the Many Police Department (MPD), the Florida man was traveling from New Mexico to Mississippi when he decided to make a stop.

The man entered a local truck stop. Based on security camera footage from the day, he was clad in a Captain America T-shirt and sporting a wild, bushy beard and hair.

We can’t quite tell the breed of the dog from the blurry photo. However, we suspect it may be a chihuahua.

While doing his business at the truck stop, something happened. The cops haven’t released closer details, but the MPD said that there was an “incident.”

Whatever happened at the store prompted the business owner to alert the police. The man, however, didn’t feel like waiting around for the cops.

He hopped on his motorcycle, picked up his dog, and took off.

Breaking the Sound Barrier (Almost)

The Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office (SPSO) quickly began trailing the wild rider. However, they proved unable to stop him on their own.

Around 11:52 a.m., the SPSO contacted 911 to request assistance. The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office (NPSO) reported that at the time, SPSO was pursuing a motorcycle on Louisiana Hwy 6, entering Natchitoches Parish.

The NPSO responded and sent deputies after the man and his dog. At this point, they were traveling eastward through Robeline before proceeding to the I-49.

Then, the man turned around and began heading west the way he came. He also really opened up the throttle.

The motorcycle zoomed past Hagewood and Robeline. At times, the cops measured its speed at 100 mph as the man tried to make his escape.

Too bad for him, it didn’t work.

The chase finally ended soon after the man re-entered Sabine Parish. No exact details were released, but somehow the police were able to stop the bike.

By some miracle, nobody got hurt in the chase. Got to give credit where it’s due — the guy really knows how to ride a motorcycle.

Once his escape had ended, the sheriff’s deputies took the man into custody without further incident. With him, they also took in his dog.

The pooch, however, has not gone to jail. According to the MPD, the Sabine Animal Shelter took the dog for safekeeping and a deputy from SPSO has volunteered to foster it.

They’re not planning to steal the pup, though. The shelter is reportedly only keeping the animal until its owner is released.

When that is, though, we couldn’t tell.

Can a Dog Ride on a Motorcycle?

If you own a motorcycle and would like to take your dog along for a ride, you can do it. However, you really should follow the appropriate safety precautions.

First of all, you should check your local laws for whether you’re allowed to transport dogs on motorcycles in the first place. If not, just don’t do it.

If having your puppy on a bike is legal, you should get some safety gear for your dog. Buy a doggy helmet and motorcycle goggles, and preferably a spiffy leather jacket to protect your pet from the breeze.

You also need a proper carrier. There are pet carriers designed to strap your dog to your body on a bike — or you could get your dog its own little sidecar!

Finally, don’t just take your dog on a bike and expect it to be fine. Start with short, slow rides to let your puppy get used to being on a motorcycle.

Should your dog tolerate or even enjoy bike rides, you’re ready to hit the road! Just try not to break any speed records like the Florida guy did.